Businesses everywhere have been affected by COVID-19

Businesses everywhere have been affected by COVID-19

The vast majority of industries have felt the force of COVID-19, as customer confidence has taken a significant hit. Despite the issues businesses are facing, you shouldn’t lose hope. If you prepare your brand with a digital marketing strategy that engages your customers with research-driven precision, you can guide your operation through the crisis and come out stronger than before.

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The FASTR framework elevates your COVID-19 marketing plan

You weren’t the only one if didn’t have a plan in place to deal with something as serious as COVID-19. In reality, almost every business has rushed to find solutions to unanticipated issues, with many failing to adjust properly. To get your COVID-19 marketing plan spot on, we’ve outlined the FASTR framework so you can build a digital marketing strategy that works. We’ve considered the sections separately so you can explore each step in detail.

First Understand

F = First Understand

The first step in any robust digital marketing strategy is understanding how your customers think and what that means for your business. This can be done effectively by using social listening and tracking tools. You can also communicate with your customers and clients via email campaigns and social media to discover how your business can take action.

The importance of this data shouldn’t be underestimated, as it’s crucial for shaping your messaging throughout the COVID-19 crisis. If you get it right, it can lead to dramatically increased brand value in the eyes of your customers. Plus, value-added content can significantly develop your customer base and unleash your engagement rate.


A = Adapt

Adapt your current digital marketing strategy to reflect the new e-commerce landscape to maximise success. Focus on important issues like how your customers behave during this unique period. Once again, you can use social listening tools to research when your audience is online and figure out the perfect time to release content updates.

For optimal success, you should also gather data on your customers’ online shopping habits and their likely engagement rate. When you design your content strategy around this information, you’ll experience a boost in traffic, alongside a greatly reduced bounce rate.


S = Sensitive

Businesses should aim to avoid increasing fear and doubt around COVID-19. This is why it’s essential to strike the perfect tone when delivering your message. By showcasing sensitivity and sincerity in your message, your target market will appreciate the understanding nature of your content. Ultimately, this can enhance the image of your business as you’re seen as someone that genuinely cares about your customers’ concerns.

COVID-19 marketing messages to avoid:

  • Forcing your products into every message (hard sell)
  • Ignoring your customers during the decision-making process
  • Constantly pushing your customers towards buying
  • Refusing common payment methods or reasonable price reductions

T = Transparent

Consumer behaviour during COVID-19 has noticeably shifted. In response, your business has to change as well. This often means showcasing increased transparency, as customers reach out with more questions and expect detailed answers in return. You have the opportunity to deliver an online shopping experience that customers will remember.

Take into consideration their needs with social listening data and respect the opinions of your most valued clients. For a truly effective COVID-19 marketing strategy, always keep your customers in the loop about decisions that impact them. This creates a sense of understanding and togetherness during this anxious time.

Rise Above

R = Rise Above

It’s normal if you’re stressed about the viability of your business. But you can manage these feelings by preparing your business with a strong digital marketing strategy. Just like your customers and business partners, it’s important to remember your team is experiencing similar tension to you. If you have the option of working from home, make suitable changes to ensure the transition goes smoothly and limits any impact on business operations.

With the right digital tools, it’s possible to communicate effectively and keep the business running at 100%. Try to maintain a positive vibe by rewarding staff for top-notch work, while you shouldn’t forget to update your customers and make automated changes where possible. If you have a cohesive digital marketing strategy to support your business throughout this crisis, you can feel confident about building a bright future.