Full-Funnel Marketing

We cater to your objectives that matter most.


Lead Generation

Generate valuable leads by fully understanding your target audience.


Digital Brand

Become top of mind of consumers when you increase brand awareness with proven digital marketing tactics.



Accelerate your growth and compete with the best in the industry when you grow your business with e-commerce marketing.

One Agency, All Channels

Get data-driven and strategic digital marketing.

Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy

To ensure our digital marketing efforts are efficient and effective, and in-line with your long-term goals, we begin every new client relationship with a thorough overview of your objectives and get fully acquainted with your brand products/services and customers/demographics.


High search results for relevant keywords is one key way to ensure that your website remains top-of-mind for potential customers searching online. Increase your odds exponentially with the aid of our specialist team, adept at getting brands ahead of competitors at the top of the search results’ page.

Performance Media
Facebook Ads

Whether you're a retailer or a brand, and whether or not you're seeking sales, leads or clicks, our expert team of performance marketing specialists can help you leverage your brand to its highest online potenital with tailored and targeted marketing and advertising campaigns.

E-Commerce Marketing
E-Commerce Marketing

If you're seeking the leading digital marketing agency in Malaysia to drive your e-commerce brand ahead of the pack, look no further than Primal. We are committed to achieving measurable and tangible results for our online retail clients.

Social Media & Content
Google Ads

Stand out from the crowd with a targeted social media advertising campaign that propels your message through the online noise and connects you with the right target audience. Our social media experts are adept at reaching, engaging and converting potential customers.


Digital marketing is an ecosystem awash with data, the building blocks for not only finding, but understanding and connecting with your target audience online. Let our digital strategists help you evaluate your customers' online behaviour to grow your revenue using professional analytics.

A Digital Marketing Agency Built For Your Growth.

Growing your business can be tough.

At Primal, we know that you want to be a successful company.

After months of doing it with an inexperienced agency, you end up with no results, wasted time and lost opportunity.

If you’re really lucky, you’ve got an in-house team that you've hired and trained, then you get to watch them leave and remove all of the good that you’ve spent months building.

We understand how frustrating it is which is why we have invested in hiring and developing 150+ digital marketing experts so you don’t have to.

After going through it way too many times ourselves, we started Primal to become the agency we wish we could have hired.

We believe that you deserve the best digital marketers by your side.

That means undisrupted and continuous results for your business.

So you can stop struggling and instead focus on succeeding online.

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Client Revenue

$107,712,150 +


Digital Success Driven By Instinct™

Instinct™ - Our proprietary strategic planning process designed to close the gap between you, your competition and your customers. This is where everything starts at Primal. It's the essential catalyst for helping transform our brand partners into 9 to 10 figure titans of industry.


Why Primal?

Key Differences

You’re in great hands.

Consumer Goods | Boxofbricks.com.my

Box of Bricks, LEGO® Certified Store in Malaysia, sells LEGO authentic products through official website and bricks and mortar stores. As offline sales was affected by the MCO, Box of Bricks decided to develop their digital sales channel. They engaged with Primal to grow their online revenue.

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Since 2015, we've been partnering with innovative companies to scale their revenue online while building sustainable long-term growth.

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Are you looking for an innovative digital marketing agency with a difference?

Here at Primal, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Over the years, our humble agency has helped hundreds of companies take their online brand to the next level. Our agency is full-services digital, and our marketing teams are full-stack competent. You can be sure that working with us will satisfy all of your businesses' digital marketing needs and provide tangible results.

We are a passionate group of marketers. When we partner with you, we do everything in our power to fully understand your needs; every digital strategy we produce is tailored specifically to your objectives. We achieve success time and time ago through a tried and tested formula of ample research, data-driven analysis and precision planning.

No matter if you need PPC advertising, SEO strategies or social media campaigns, be assured that our innovative marketing agency can deliver the goods. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work; that's why our customer-centric team will work closely with you to craft a tailored plan guaranteed to hit all your marketing objectives and meet your performance KPIs.

Are you ready to unleash outstanding business results? If you answered yes, please get in touch with our Malaysia office today, to discover why we are considered the #1 digital marketing agency in Southeast-Asia.

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