SEO & PPC is A Long-Term Strategy

SEO & PPC is
A Long-Term Strategy

- Successful SEO is long-term and Always-On strategy including PPC.

- You most likely will not see SEO rankings until month 8+ months.

- PPC delivers both a short-term and long-term ROI but can be limited.

- Both SEO and PPC are both long-term strategies, if POI is positive for both, they should be always on.

Quick Results With PPC Marketing

Quick Results With
PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click or more commonly known as PPC services is a form of advertising where the advertisers are required to pay whenever a user clicks on the ad you posted. The payment should be made regardless of whether or not the action of purchasing or subscribing is completed. From social media channels to search engines, PPC ads are popular everywhere due to their ability to generate ROI significantly simply due to the ads being targeted specifically to those who search for the keywords that relate to your business. This guarantees that the user will click on the ad and carry out the transaction completely, given that they already were expressing interest.

So, why are more and more advertisers turning to PPC marketing for their business? Well, the main attraction is the transparency PPC ads provide in terms of how easy it is to track your progress, measure your conversion and analyse the given data. With a combination of Google Ads tools and Google Analytics, you can observe your business' Impressions, Clicks and Conversions. You could also observe your ROI and how much exactly you have spent on the campaign. As compared to other digital marketing approaches, PPC ads are relatively easier to set up and give you complete control of your campaign at all times.

Choosing Your PPC Channels

Choosing Your PPC Channels

When you approach the subject of online advertising, PPC ads come up first simply because of their proven effectiveness to generate traffic to the website and increase conversions. However, choosing the right channel based on your business and budget can be a little daunting for a newcomer.

As the most prominent search engine in the world, Google Adwords is a popular choice for PPC campaigns; however many fail to consider that this also leads to your competition increasing in terms of catching the user's attention and the search for relevant keywords. While it's more or less similar over on Facebook, a significant advantage is an accessibility to niche groups with its targeting options. Through the collaboration of Yahoo! and Bing comes Yahoo!Bing providing you with an audience from both platforms. Albeit a smaller audience compared to Google, you have an advantage of cost savings. To choose the best channel for your PPC ads is to analyse every aspect every of your business in terms of your target audience and demographic. You could also run a test ad on every platform to see which performs best, then adjust your budget and campaign accordingly.

Choose PPC Marketing Agency Primal

Choose PPC Marketing
Agency Primal

There's no one stopping you from running your Pay Per Click ads yourself, but for a more efficient campaign, many choose to uptake the service of a Google Adwords Agency. Knowing that your PPC campaign is in good hands, you can focus your full effort on expanding your business. At the same time, you will also be involved in the campaign in terms of creation, budget and keywords selection, all with a team of experienced PPC marketing experts backing you.

As an experienced Google Ads Agency in Malaysia, we have garnered the top digital marketing experts. With our innovative PPC services and our achievement as a Google Premier Partner, we strive to deliver consistent results and revenue for our clients. With even Google themselves giving us the nod, you know that we're experts at what we do. Contact one of the best digital advertising agency in Malaysia and start working with an agency guaranteed to deliver results for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click.
Pay-per-Click is a form of advertising in which the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their ad.
Create your ad, decide where to advertise, select your keywords, set your budget, and launch your ad.
Create a new Campaign in your Google Ads account, select your Campaign Type and then follow the steps to launch your ad.
You create a campaign and pay each time someone clicks on your ad.