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Many businesses qualify as ‘hospitality’ brands, from restaurants and bars to hotels, resorts, and theme parks. Primal helps raise your online profile to ensure you’re seen by those looking for your products and services.

Hotels & Resorts

With the winter high season approaching in Malaysia, hotels are about to enter their busiest period. Primal can boost your brand’s profile to ensure guests fill your rooms and tables and bypass your competitors.


Tourists demand many types of products and services when visiting a country. To ensure they find your business and location, allow Primal to raise online awareness of your brand.

Vacation Rentals

Tourists may require all sorts of vacation rentals; boats, motorbikes, and even ice chests and swimsuits. Ensure they find your products online with expert marketing services from Primal.


Many tourists are interested in the culture of every country they visit. Make sure visitors are able to find your country’s best museums online with marketing help from Primal.

Primal’s Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Primal’s Hospitality and Tourism Marketing

Due to the pandemic, hospitality providers all over the world have suffered some of the worst losses and setbacks of any industry. Those that have managed to stay in business are lucky. But it’s no time to relax and count your blessings. As the high season begins in Malaysia, bookings and walk-in guests are still lighter than usual, and they may only increase later in the year. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to raise your brand profile and increase your hotel’s digital marketing aimed at the country’s tourism industry.

The pandemic made us value the internet more than ever before. With travellers being a necessary source of revenue for hotels, you have a chance to use the substantial reach of the internet to spread the word about your brand name, products, and services. Google ads, social media marketing and advertising, as well as an ongoing SEO programme for hotels, restaurants, and attractions are some of the tools that will help your brand stand out from the crowd this high season.

Target Your Desired Audience

Target Your Desired Audience

You can use social media platforms to target your brand’s profile to your most desired audience. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LINE, Twitter, and LinkedIn all provide marketing and advertising options for hotels and tourism that allow you to use their valuable data to target the appropriate audience for your brand. For instance, if your hotel is on a favourite beach amongst sailors and surfers, you can focus your marketing exercises and ads on targeting outdoor adventurers and the yachting crowd. Google and social media sites provide relevant data to target the most receptive potential guests.

Facebook is the oldest social media platform. They have years of valuable data you can use to target valuable repeat customers. By using this data, Primal can help you reach people who live in the region and like to spend their weekends at the beach. You might have an entertainment venue on your property that presents musical acts aimed at a younger crowd. You’ll want to target a younger audience with news of their performances, as well as your usual sailors and outdoor adventurers. Using the available data from Google and social media is one of the best ways your brand can reach a number of different and varied audiences.

Digital Marketing for Hotels

Digital Marketing for Hotels

Running an ad campaign on a number of different social media platforms only benefits your brand if you have a robust website to handle all the additional traffic your campaigns are likely to generate. Rising above the competition and drawing interest is only the first step in turning a potential customer’s interest into a definite conversion. The content you use in the ads you place to sell your products and services will have a lot of bearing on your success. Performing relevant market research is crucial in determining if the audiences your brand is targeting will provide you with the revenue you need to succeed in business post-pandemic. The available data on Google and social media platforms will reveal where and when your target audiences like to travel and what type of rooms, entertainment, and restaurants they favour. In short, this valuable data will reveal what they like to spend their money on. Primal can furnish you with these answers. Your job is to position your brand as the best choice among all the competition for that audience. Primal can also help you with this task by providing ad design expertise.

When designing ads, you need to use language and images that grab your audience's attention and appeal to their senses. Many of the ad platforms available have a confusing array of different ad formats that each provide different results. Knowing which format works best for your type of products and services helps ensure you’re getting the best results for your marketing budget. The best way to do that is to partner with an experienced digital marketing agency that can guide you through the design and placement of your ads.

Long-Term Success Tactics

Primal Is Your Digital Partner

Many hospitality brands are struggling to make up for lost revenue in this crucial post-pandemic period in Malaysia. Visitors are eager to enjoy travelling to different places once again and seeing things they may not have seen for years. But reaching these customers with what your brand can offer can be a problem. Brands new to hotel digital marketing may make the wrong decisions and end up getting less for their marketing budget than they could have. An experienced digital agency can help guide you through all the complexities of digital marketing and ensure it delivers the right type of results for your brand to succeed.

Primal is an award-winning, experienced digital marketing agency with branches in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. With years of working with clients in the hospitality industry, we can offer a full range of digital marketing skills that are designed to meet the needs of hotels and tourism. We can devise a digital marketing strategy that suits your goals. Primal can improve your website through SEO. We can design and place ads that reach your desired audience, and keep you updated on your brand’s progress with regular, comprehensive reports. Call us today to learn more about what we can offer your brand.

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