What is Search Engine Marketing

What is
Search Engine Marketing

At its core, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid marketing strategy businesses use to increase their business discoverability factor on search engine results pages (SERPs). The basics of SEM consist of selecting your target keywords, bidding on those keywords, and measuring the performance of your ads. By advertising on search engine results pages (SERPs), companies are able to connect directly with consumers who may already be searching for their product or service. Brands select keywords that are relevant to their offering so that interested users click their ads instead of competitors' ads. It’s crucial for businesses to select high-quality keywords so that they are not wasting marketing dollars on clicks that aren't likely to result in sales.

Then, through the Ad Auction system, which is based on the Max CPC Bid, Quality Score and Ad Rank thus determining the ads that get displayed. Search Engine Marketing isn’t a one size fits all strategy. Every day, our team analyses and optimizes each account to increase online visibility in the most beneficial way.

Increase Your Visibility

Increase Your Visibility

When it comes to using SEM, you will find that your ads are usually placed above organic results. This is because SEM usually has more power over organic results due to its superior visibility. The first result that appears on Google’s SERP is often the one clicked by users; as a result, by placing your business in front of them at the right time, visitors are more inclined to check out your website. However, this type of ad is often clearly labelled as an ad, and users know exactly what kind of companies are typically advertised through SEM.

Your Google Adwords could be specifically targeted based on factors including demographics, geography, schedule and device. These ad groups are then only shown to those matching your target audience as per the demographic. You can preset the schedule and make sure the ads appear at a specific time and day. As for device targeting, you can make the ads appear on devices your target demographic is hooked. These tactics and targeting are what carve the success of a search engine marketing campaign.

Experienced SEM Agency in Malaysia

SEM Agency in Malaysia

SEM networks can be challenging to evaluate and track if you're not familiar with the Google Ads marketing terminology and tactics. Thus, a qualified search engine marketing agency in Malaysia might help you make sense of your data analytics, leaving you to focus on what works for your business. With the aid of an expert staff of internet marketing professionals, these agencies simplify SEM and every digital marketing technique while you just sit back and watch the results unfold.

The SEM networks do allow you to evaluate and track your campaign's performance, but understanding what to do with the data if you're unfamiliar with digital marketing terminology and tactics can be difficult. That's where a qualified search engine marketing agency in Malaysia might come in handy. With an expert staff of internet marketers driven to provide results for clients, take the mystery out of SEM and other online marketing techniques.

As a leading Google Ads Agency in Malaysia, we employ a data-driven approach to digital marketing. We stand by the motto of "When our clients succeed, we succeed" since the methods we suggest to clients are all tried and tested methods used for the Primal brand itself. With our digital marketing specialists backing your campaign, expect transparency in all results and budget matters. Our SEM strategy has been proven effective for our clients, evident from our 5-star Google reviews. Reach out to Primal Malaysia and find out how we can take your business to the next level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing.
Search Engine Marketing is a paid marketing strategy used to make your website appear on search engine results pages.
Search Engine Marketing works by bidding on keywords for your ad to appear on search engine results pages.
Simply choose an SEM network, conduct keyword research, select your target location, create an ad and set your bidding budget.
The ads that appear at the top of the first page of Google’s search results. They are clearly labelled as Ads.