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Leading eCommerce brand 284% traffic increase in 12 months

Leading eCommerce Brand

12 Months

Leading healthcare provider 382% traffic increase in 12 months

Leading Healthcare Provider

12 Months

Leading B2B brand 8200% traffic increase in 12 months

Leading B2B Brand

12 Months

Why Primal For SEO?

Key Differences

What is SEO

Harness the Power of SEO

The purpose of search engine optimisation is to gain a higher rank on the ‘Search Engines Results Page’ (SERP). By getting on top of the SERP, you are in full view of potential clients searching for products or services that you may offer or have produced. SEO can be quite overwhelming at first sight. The consultants and specialists at our SEO agency help customers who are unfamiliar with the optimisation space to operate this landscape for long-term growth — thus increasing conversions, sales and leads while at the same time being there for you every step of the way and ensuring that your goals and key performance indicators are met. We know how to optimise your site, and we do it well. Our in-house team of specialists in Kuala Lumpur are dedicated and passionate about ranking our clients higher on the SERP, and we understand the benefits of what can come from it and with us, you will be in the hands of an award winning SEO company. In fact, we’ve recently won an SEO award by Search Engine Land, which underlines our talent and experience.

How to do SEO

Rank On The First Page of Google

In order for you to rank on the first page of Google, our agency starts with an SEO technical audit of your website. Then, research needs to be performed to ensure your keywords are perfect. You have to have meaningful and engaging content, and you have to know your audience and how to spark interest with them. By utilising those results from your data after doing in-depth research, only then can your SEO strategy take form and be ready to be put to the test using trial and error until it’s perfect. Our SEO agency will conduct all the research, formulate and execute the strategy for you, saving you time and effort while ensuring that all the heavy lifting is done for you in a streamlined process to get you and your brand where it needs to be on top of the SERP page using our award-winning SEO marketing methods. We’ll take care of both on-page and off-page SEO to ensure your site remains high in the rankings. We can also undertake link-building exercises to generate backlinks and ensure your site has plenty of organic traffic, further providing you with brand exposure.

Benefits of SEO

Generate Strong ROI With SEO

Okay, now that you know what search engine optimisation is and how to deploy it, let’s have a glance at what the benefits are of this powerful tool. Firstly, right off the bat, optimisation creates a better user experience for your customers. Giving your audience relevant information, a clean mobile-friendly site and easy-to-navigate web pages are what contributes to good user experience. Secondly, it plays a critical part in generating leads using inbound marketing strategies, such as blog posts, content marketing and referrals. Thirdly it can help any brand with a better conversion rate, and SEO increases the likelihood of a customer closing a deal with you. Next, optimisation is a great way to create brand awareness and let the world see exactly who and what your brand is and how familiar customers are with your product or service. Lastly, having great optimisation can lead to better site performance overall and makes it a pleasant experience for your visitors or customers.

Do I Need SEO

Build Long-Term Sustainable Traffic

With Google being the most popular search engine on the internet, any brand aspiring to stay relevant in this competitive ecosystem needs to embrace the endless possibilities that our SEO services can offer, not only for sustainable growth and to promote your website, but for the longevity of the brand itself. Here are a few reasons why you must optimise your site and how it can impact your business. Firstly, organic search is such a vital part of a brands business as this is a critical component of the buyers funnel, which ultimately leads to a better conversion rate. Secondly, it builds a brand’s trust and credibility in the eyes of a customer. The goal is to create a loyal customer base. Lastly, by implementing quality content, this leads to better user experience for your customers. The Google algorithm can interpret whether a site has a good or bad user experience, and a website which has a good user experience will gain a higher page authority on the SERP ranking.

Work with the Best SEO agency in Malaysia

Partner with Malaysia’s Leading SEO Agency

It goes without saying that optimising your site is a crucial and integral part of any digital marketing strategy, and here at Primal, that’s what we eat, sleep and breathe. No matter how ambitious your goal is. Primal is one of the best SEO companies in Malaysia, and with our guidance, we’ll help you and your brand get to where it deserves to be, by sustaining a flawless and consistent SERP ranking. With a dominant presence spread far across South East Asia, the Primal Tribe will leverage its credentials, IT know-how, in-house expertise and creative drive to execute and deploy data-driven marketing results. If you’re looking to harness your SEO to empower your brand and communicate your vision to a broader audience, the Primal Tribe invites you with open arms to join us and make your ambitions a reality. At Primal, we believe in building trust and creating an ecosystem of transparency to conceive long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients. If you have an idea, if you have a goal and if you have a vision for where you want your brand to be, work with us!

Consider These Before Choosing an SEO Agency

How to Choose the Right SEO Company

The hardest part of SEO is often choosing the right company. A high-quality SEO company is the ultimate side-kick to help you grow your super business, but not all agencies are cut from the same cloth.

Ultimately, the number one thing you need to do is match it with a digital marketing agency that fits your unique goals.

The Ins and Outs of an SEO Company

SEO is fundamental, and it is an ongoing, continuous effort. It takes time to see its magic, but stick through it and you will most likely see guaranteed results over time.

Primal’s Focus For SEO

At Primal Digital Agency, we focus on providing the best for our partners so they can skyrocket their business in the shortest time possible.

We emphasise auditing and improving your website structure, relevancy of your content, effectiveness and credibility of your website, and increasing quality back-links.

This surefire core strategy is guaranteed to provide higher ROI for any business in this digital age. Join us, the leading SEO agency in Malaysia.

Our 5-Step Approach For Lasting Results

After understanding your objectives for your brand, it’s game time. Here are the steps we do as an effective SEO company in Malaysia to help you reach your maximum potential.

  1. Keyword Research
    At Primal we utilise guaranteed, impactful tactics for our SEO campaigns. Understanding user search intention and finding the right keywords can increase traffic and opportunities to market and grow your website.
  2. Web Structure
    A solid web structure makes it easy for Google to reach and explore your website. This way, search engines would understand your brand and its voice and match it to user search queries.
  3. On-Site Optimisation
    On-site Optimization deals with content, titles and structures that exist on your website itself. This makes your website SEO-friendly while providing the best user experience, turning them into loyal customers that will come back to you again and again.
  4. Off-Page Link Building
    Link building deals with other websites and blogs linking to your site, which will make Google categorize your site as being relevant, credible and an authoritative source in your industry. This way, Google will understand that your website contains quality and relevant content for searchers.
  5. Reporting
    As an SEO company, we understand that transparency improves client-agency trust. Therefore, we take comprehensive and regular reporting seriously. You can use our insights and recommendations to determine future strategies, so you can build your empire and dominate the online space.
Consider These Before Choosing an SEO Agency

Partner With Primal Digital Agency Malaysia!

At Primal, we have SEO specialists who thoroughly understand Search Engine Marketing (SEM). We always develop strategies that suit your business. We try our best to provide the best, most impactful solutions for fast results you can visibly see.

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Case Study

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Genemartino | genemartino.com.my

Genemartino is a online fashion brand that aims to drive increase in traffic and thereby online sales for B2C. Since it is a competitive market in the modern modest wear fast-fashion retail business, to be ranking and staying on top of search results is very challenging.

Keywords on Page 1 in 12 months
Increase in transactions in H2 compared to H1
Increase in Traffic in H2 compared to H1

"What do you get when you combine leading digital marketing experts with proprietary marketing technology?"


Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what drives traffic to your website by the use of keywords and phrases and allows sites to rank on the Google Search Engine Results Page.
It begins with a website audit. Start with your target audience, competitors, branded messages and goals then use the data to execute your plan.
SEO helps you to establish better brand awareness in the saturated online space; it improves site performance and creates a better user experience for your customers.
Without SEO implementation, your brands' online presence and visibility will be at minimal to potential customers. As a brand, it's vital for its longevity in the saturated online space.
Yes! Organic search is the primary source of web traffic; SEO has an impact on the buying cycle by communicating a message effectively, and it builds credibility for a brand.
SEO is not a quick fix and can take four to six months before you start to see results, using time, trial and error, for it to be successful
SEO should be a part of your ongoing strategy for as long as you want to stay afloat. Once you stop your efforts, your overall ranking will go down.
You don't need to hire an agency to improve your SEO - there are many guides online that can help you get started. However, SEO is highly technical and may take years to pin down. There are also regular updates to search engine algorithms. That’s why if you’re feeling overwhelmed, we suggest contacting a respected agency (like Primal Digital Agency) to get this off your back!
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