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Grow Your Brand With Google Ads

Google Ads has become the industry standard tool praised and used by marketers all around the world for its effectiveness and its ability to get the job done. It is utilised to promote your business or brand, help sell products, increase your brand awareness and get more traffic to your site. Your Google Ads account is managed online, which empowers the user to create and alter their ad campaigns from just about anywhere. What's even better is, there is no spending minimum. You are in total control, you set your budget, you choose where the ads appear, and it's up to you how much you want to spend on your Google adword campaign, making it accessible to just about anybody, even while on a budget. Here at Primal, we take it up a notch and handle the entire process according to your needs and budget with our passionate in-house Google Ads Management team.

How to Do Google Ads

Reach That Ideal Customer

The end-goal for anybody setting up and using Google Ads service, is for their business to reach that milestone of attaining their first customers online, but how is it done? Identifying your target audience is crucial and will allow you to understand better who your ideal customer is. Next is selecting keywords; this is where you have to think outside the box and put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Writing your ad copy sparking the attention of your audience, it should be concise, direct and hit the buttons emotionally with your customers for it be appealing to them. But it doesn't end there, so let's delve a bit deeper. It's imperative to study the behaviour of your target audience; then you'll be able to reach, engage and convert your desired target audience. Lastly is to produce eye-catching visuals or messages that appeal to your desired target market by enticing their desire to purchase your product or service. Using a Google Ads Agency such as Primal, this entire process can be streamlined and executed effectively.

How Much Do Google Ads Cost

You Sit Back, We Take Charge

Google Ads can be quite daunting for a first-timer, this is why at Primal, we take Google Ads management seriously for all of our clients, and it's for that exact reason why many reputable brands partner with us. By utilising our services, you can sit back, and watch your site grow, while we do all the hard work for you. With an in-house team of well-versed professionals in the area of Google ads, we are well equipped to handle your needs as a brand and reach your marketing objectives. From keyword research, digital ad copy and budget management, we are at your disposal throughout the entire process. Most brands will naturally ask the question of cost, and on average, keywords can cost between one and two dollars, depending on the industry that you are in, and by using our Google Ads company, we work out the ideal budget for your Google Ads.

Do I Need Google Ads

Garner Unprecedented Reach

Google Display Ads reach roughly 90% of internet users globally and with an average of 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, that’s a lot of eyes that see those display ads. Here's why you should be using it. Firstly, Google Ads are scalable. If you create a Google Adwords campaign that is converting customers at a profit, then you can increase your PPC budget; thus, your earnings will increase accordingly. Secondly, Google Ads is flexible. It provides a vast amount of parameters and options that allow you unprecedented customisation, most noteworthy, is the budget cap. Lastly, Google Ads is measurable. Unlike many other traditional marketing channels, such as print advertising or TV, online marketing is highly measurable, and Google Ads is high up on the list of one of the most quantifiable and measurable channels by providing reliable PPC metrics that empower businesses to calculate their ROI.

Work with the Best Google Ads Company in Malaysia

Partner With the Best in the Industry

As industry leaders, Primal prides itself on its years of expertise within the Google Ads management ecosystem, that has seen many brands fulfil their visions by Primals unprecedented data-driven strategies which empower brands to have the edge against their competitors. At Primal, you're in the hands of the very best in the industry, which is why there is a good reason we're regarded as the premier Google agency in Malaysia. With our specialist team combined with years of working knowledge in Google display network, we can execute and accomplish all your of your Google Ads objectives. From creating perfect visuals tailored to your request, choosing the ideal target audience, assisting in your preferred budget and managing the entirety of your Goolge adword campaign, while at the same time alleviating the burden on your shoulders and letting us do the heavy lifting for you. The Primal team guarantees a designated Account Manager liaison, assured target audience conversions, a data-driven and ROI-focussed approach, increased web traffic, sales leads and brand awareness and full transparency with monthly reports free of any hidden fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Google Ads, is a platform that was created by Google, whereby advertisers pay for specific keywords to showcase targeted ads, service offerings, product listings and clickable links to product pages.
You make an account, identify your target audience, choose how much you would like to spend, select your ideal keywords, write your copy or produce visuals, and deploy!
Google Ads is relatively inexpensive, while other traditional forms of advertising are costly. Google Ads is at a fraction of the cost but delivers higher results and cost between $0.50 and $2.00
Yes! Google is the biggest search engine in the world, and by using Google Ads, brands to gain access to an unprecedented reach that is unmatched by using social media.
Google Ads is an excellent alternative to traditional marketing channels due to its cost-effectiveness. What makes this tool so popular amongst marketing professionals is its customisation abilities.
The beauty of it is that it costs a fraction of what a traditional marketing campaign might incur, at the same time delivering more, if not significantly better ROI.

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