Regain Customer Attention with Remarketing

Regain Customer Attention with Remarketing

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, has become one of the most effective ways to market online. The strategy involves collecting data on users who have already visited your website or app but failed to make a purchase. Remarketing uses this tracking information to advertise your brand to these users again, reminding them about the existence of your products and services. By giving your brand a second chance to convert these customers, remarketing via online ad campaigns has proven to be highly efficient.

Although many ad platforms offer remarketing options, Google and Facebook are two of the most popular. These platforms take into consideration the countless reasons why your customers didn’t complete their purchases. Even if customers want to buy your product, they can get distracted from finishing the transaction or decide to think more about their choices. With our remarketing company in Kuala Lumpur, your brand can re-establish these connections and potentially convince high-quality leads to make a purchase.

Retarget Effectively using Google Ads

Retarget Effectively using Google Ads

Reaching over 90% of people using the internet, the Google Display Network is an incredible service for both brands and marketers alike. The platform provides a streamlined approach to remarketing services, as businesses can retarget prior traffic and promote relevant products and services using in-depth analytics. Make the most of this data by creating a list of past customers that failed to convert and strive to convince them with targeted display ads.

The data powering Google Ads represents a wealth of opportunities for savvy businesses. You can view customers’ past transactions, including when they decided to purchase, what was bought and how much was spent, alongside a host of other useful metrics. By matching past customers with products that are likely going to appeal to them, you have a great chance of making a sale. For instance, an intuitive remarketing service might select customers that previously browsed your offering of TVs and retarget them with a new range of Bluetooth speakers. These tangible links could lead to increased revenue.

Boost Sales with Accurate Retargeting

Boost Sales with Accurate Retargeting

If you want to achieve the greatest results from an online remarketing campaign, finding a way to reach your target market is the most important factor. Google Ads should be your first choice, but there are other helpful options to persuade your customers to shop with your brand.

Facebook Business Manager is a popular choice as it allows brands to upload their customer databases and remarket through the feed. Brands can also use the Custom Audience feature to retarget Facebook users who have interacted with your profile in the past. As Facebook Business Manager serves ads on Instagram, you can reach customers on both platforms using one slick service.

Another highly successful tool in your remarketing arsenal is email. By dividing your audience into different categories based on how they interact with your website, you can serve different emails that have their own goals. For example, by targeting traffic that placed items in their shopping cart but never checked out, you could send an email with a special discount or a simple reminder.

Grow Profits with Proven Remarketing Strategies

Grow Profits with Proven Remarketing Strategies

If you think about remarketing from a business perspective, it’s easy to understand why the strategy is so successful. By focusing on customers that have already shown great interest in your business, you can encourage them to shop with you again. And considering you already have data on their spending habits and preferred products, gaining conversions with this method can be straightforward. Even the biggest brands in the world have a finite marketing budget. With a carefully considered remarketing campaign, you can maximise the potential of your advertising spend.

Developing a marketing approach that grows your customer base is a challenging prospect requiring plenty of trial and error. Remarketing capitalises on customers that have a higher chance of converting compared to the average person, boosting your traffic and driving your sales figures upwards. Studies about remarketing campaigns have found that display ads are 70% more likely to convert when targeted towards past website traffic. Meanwhile, retargeted ads have been shown to have a CTR as much as ten times higher than standard display ads.

Display Highly Targeted Ads That Convert

Display Highly Targeted Ads That Convert

As a respected remarketing agency in Kuala Lumpur, Primal’s award-winning services are backed by years of working alongside many of Malaysia’s top brands. If you’re looking to increase your conversion rate, we can develop a sharp retargeting strategy that achieves outstanding results. Our talented team of marketers utilises a wealth of research-driven strategies to accurately segment your audience and remarket using the ideal approach. This means your business maximises its online reach and sales as you develop a solid foundation that promotes long-term success.

If you choose to work alongside Primal, you’ll notice the difference to your bottom line almost immediately. This success is a result of our desire to learn how your business operates as we discover what makes your products and services special. Our cohesive remarketing campaigns are bound to achieve your business goals. Contact Primal to find out how our cost-effective remarketing agency can establish your business as an industry leader.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remarketing relies on having accurate data. Through Google Ads or Facebook Business Manager, you can divide your audience based on prior engagement and then serve retargeted ads.
By tracking people who have interacted with your website previously, remarketing uses display ads to remind visitors about what your brand offers, leading to enhanced conversion rates and profit.
Using platforms like Google Ads, it’s possible to track people that have previously interacted with your website. You can serve them ads as they move around the internet.
Remarketing works by identifying potential customers that have a high chance of converting. By isolating groups that have shown prior interest in your brand, you can encourage them to purchase.
Using Google Ads, there are four key remarketing formats: Standard, Dynamic, Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), and Video retargeting. All have their own unique purposes and benefits.

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