Reach More Customers with Instagram Marketing

Reach More Customers with Instagram Marketing

Instagram has soared to worldwide popularity in recent years, receiving more than 1 billion active monthly users. It’s become a truly global phenomenon, forming a part of many people’s everyday lives as they share their interests on social media. Like the platform’s parent company Facebook, Instagram offers incredible potential for businesses that want to reach their target market and generate more sales cost-effectively. By working alongside an Instagram ads company, you can find a solution to your marketing needs and take your brand to new heights.

Through Instagram Ads, businesses can use in-depth analytics to strategically reach their customer base and increase brand awareness, website traffic and sales. Backed by in-depth customer data, it’s possible to produce engaging ads that capture attention and deliver incredible results. For any digital-first company looking to get ahead in their industry, Instagram offers an exceptional marketing avenue, as it caters to your customer’s individual interests and ultimately grows your business revenue.

Use Instagram Algorithms to Your Advantage

Use Instagram Algorithms to Your Advantage

One of the major factors behind the success of Instagram marketing is how the platform intuitively utilises data from Facebook. This brilliant implementation means it's easier than ever to confidently reach customers that care about your brand. However, just because you’ve previously marketed successfully on Facebook, doesn’t mean that’ll translate to Instagram’s unique features. Alongside an expert Instagram ads agency like Primal, we can help you make the most of the platform’s critical functions. With six different advertising formats, including four Feed Ads and two Stories Ads, the right approach is vital if your brand is going to benefit.

Your approach to Instagram marketing relies directly on your business goals. As each advertising format on the platform has its own technical specifications, it can be challenging to hit the ground running with an effective strategy. Our experienced Instagram advertising company works alongside your business to design a striking marketing campaign that showcases the most appealing aspects of your brand. This way, our immersive strategies are bound to resonate with your audience.

Profit From Targeted Instagram Marketing Campaigns

Profit From Targeted Instagram Marketing Campaigns

If you choose to advertise using Instagram, finding the perfect format for your business is hugely important. Between the various Stories Ads and Feed Ads, there are a few crucial differences that could make a big difference to the success of your marketing strategy.

Stories Ads can deliver great engagement boosts for brands that manage to design eye-catching campaigns. Through 15-second videos or 5-second still images, these ads are great for small businesses looking to spread brand awareness and expand their target market. With a powerful message and a strong call-to-action, Stories Ads can generate awesome results.

However, if your business already has an established following, Feed Ads can be particularly useful. As people are likely already aware of your brand’s existence, Feed Ads present new products and services quickly and effectively. These ads can appear more intrusive, but you’ll be able to spread your message far and wide. Feed Ads also have more flexible display options, with Photo Ads, Carousel Ads and Instagram Shopping Ads just some of your choices.

Design Advertisements That Convert Customers

Design Advertisements That Convert Customers

Before you get started with Instagram marketing, you have to design an advertisement that’s going to achieve your business goals. Decide on a format that best supports your brand and keep your messaging short and sharp. Next, you have to bid for placements using Facebook Ads Management. Here, you can select either manual or automatic bidding, plus you should always set a maximum daily budget to keep your costs down and measure the success of your campaign.

Across Instagram marketing, there are many factors influencing the cost of your advertising spend. It can rise or fall depending on your specific targeting, the industry, time of year and overall demographics. Meanwhile, there are different costs associated with Stories Ads or Feed Ads. However, if you support your marketing strategy with detailed customer data, you can ensure your ads always have a great chance of converting. As a leading Instagram advertising agency, Primal helps businesses invest their time and money in the most effective way possible.

Become an Industry Leader With Instagram Marketing

Become an Industry Leader With Instagram Marketing

For award-winning Instagram advertising in Kuala Lumpur, Primal should be your first choice. We’ve led thousands of social media campaigns for many of Malaysia's most respected companies, with our talented team always delivering remarkable results. The success of our Instagram marketing agency comes from getting to know the inner workings of your brand, building strategies that showcase your products and engage your target market. With years of experience designing research-driven strategies for businesses across an array of industries, our approach is proven to attract customers and generate sales.

To market successfully on Instagram, you need to stop people from scrolling. Our creative campaigns are designed specifically with this in mind, as we produce advertisements that grab your audience’s attention and entice them to convert. The masterful team behind our Instagram agency will guide your campaign from start to finish, as we provide detailed reports on our success and ensure you receive an incredible ROI. Contact Primal and find out how we can push the possibilities of your Instagram marketing campaigns to their limits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram allows brands to post advertisements across Stories and the Feed. Through videos, images, text and links, businesses can reach a highly targeted audience and convert more customers.
Instagram utilises data from a variety of sources. Ads are typically served based on what users follow and the things they like, alongside Facebook data and other websites they visit.
The cost of Instagram ads ranges considerably depending on your business goals. According to your industry, chosen demographics and time of year, the cost of your campaign can change significantly.
Instagram Stories provide an engaging way to deliver photos and videos of less than 15 seconds. These short pieces of content are visible to your followers for 24 hours.
Instagram ads are organised through Facebook Business Manager, but otherwise the marketing material you use is likely going to be vastly different. Instagram campaigns should always be highly visual.

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