What is SEO

Reasons Why Your Websites Are Not Ranking Locally

Did you know that the website that shows up on top of Google search results pages (SERPs) get the most clicks from potential customers? If you're a small business, you might feel that it is impossible to beat your competition this way, especially in an increasingly digital environment. After all, your website is competing with the rest of the Internet!

There could be some reasons why your customers in Puchong are not finding you - one of them might be that your site is not being identified by Google. Perhaps you don't have a user-friendly sitemap, or maybe you have no sitemap at all. Or maybe you are not optimising your website using local SEO designed to reach Puchong customers, with keywords relevant to people searching for services or products in your area. What if we tell you our agency, the chosen SEO agency for businesses in Puchong, can help you plan out an effective SEO strategy guaranteed to show results within 6 months! Not convinced? Contact Primal Malaysia and see for yourself.

How to do SEO

Start Ranking On Google With SEO Puchong

Primal Malaysia consists of experts highly trained in local SEO to help your business reach your customers, no matter where they are. Dominate the local search engine space and get on top of the search results pages for greater visibility online with Primal digital marketing agency, the leading digital agency for businesses in Puchong. Our top experts will recommend and implement campaigns based on your unique business objectives.

We have experience executing tailored strategies for small, local businesses nationwide. We not only understand how local customers search, we also have a keen understanding in local SEO best practices including registering business in GBP, setting up NAP (Name, Adress, Phone Number) online, performing local SEO audits & analysis, optimising local keywords, and localising content on your pages. Unlock your brand's potential and partner with Primal Digital Marketing Agency for local SEO to reach people in Puchong now.

Benefits of SEO

Choose Primal For The Best SEO ServiceIn Puchong

Strategic local SEO tactics will capture specific target audiences living and working within close proximity to your business and prevents you from missing out on a lot of potential customers. Almost four out of five customers have been found to choose a business in their vicinity after making a Google search.

If you're a business looking to expand your reach locally, Primal Digital Marketing Agency, the leading agency for businesses in Puchong, has a proven track record. We've worked with local businesses all over Malaysia helping them reach their sales targets by converting more customers both online and offline. We offer some of the best SEO services with the necessary expertise to push your ranking up the Google search results pages. We also understand the process - after conducting our thorough SEO audit, campaign results may take some time. Even then, we guarantee improvements within the first three months with our tried-and-tested formula. That's just what you can expect when you partner with the best SEO company in Puchong. Don’t miss out to competition any longer. Get a free SEO audit when you contact us today!

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