Premium Travel Industry Digital Marketing

Premium Travel Industry Digital Marketing

The travel industry is one of the most competitive out there. To rise above other companies in the space and acquire an increasing share of the marketplace, brands must use digital marketing to drive customer enquiries and bookings. The proliferation of the internet has changed the face of the travel industry forever. The vast majority of customers now use online travel agents (OTAs) to research, organise and book their trips, while travellers are constantly sharing their holidays on social media platforms. People are also comfortable expressing their good and bad experiences online using the likes of TripAdvisor and Google Reviews. All of this means digital companies must engage closely with the evolving travel industry and utilise emerging strategies to attract customers.

Attract And Convert High-Quality Leads

Attract And Convert High-Quality Leads

The scope of the travel industry is enormous. It encompasses everything from tour operators and transport companies to accommodation providers and destination advertisers. However, each section of the travel industry knows that high-season is particularly important, with customer demand doubling compared to the rest of the year. To make the most of this time, travel brands need to plan their promotions ahead of time and ensure they can provide great customer service. Plus, growing brands must remain sharply aware of their competition’s approach so they don’t get left behind. These are just some of the reasons why digital marketing is critical to the travel industry.

Dominate the Travel Industry

Dominate the Travel Industry

To generate future success as a travel company, three digital and social trends need to be abided by if you’re going to engage customers and boost booking numbers.

  • Travellers prefer mobile-friendly websites
  • Travellers frequently read online reviews
  • Travellers love to share their experiences on social media

If your brand features powerful solutions to these three factors, your business can benefit from increased bookings. Meanwhile, you can also dramatically enhance brand awareness as happy customers tell their friends and family about their experiences. Plus, they are far more likely to use your service again.

Develop Powerful Buyer Personas

Develop Powerful Buyer Personas

Like most aspects of digital marketing, knowing your target market’s motivations is critical to success. However, it’s especially important when developing an effective destination marketing strategy. To create a ‘buyer persona’ of your ideal customer, you have to determine your key demographic. It’s going to change depending on your specific products and services, but common examples include: romantic couples, families, honeymooners or LGBTs. You can save considerable time, money and effort if you correctly identify your core audience from the get-go, as this information determines how your content plan will engage customer desires. By having a tailored digital marketing strategy, you can effectively reach your audience, expand your target market and promote new services.

Profit With A Comprehensive Digital Approach

Profit With A Comprehensive Digital Approach

There are countless ways to approach a digital marketing campaign, with the specifics of each strategy depending on the products you offer. However, the ideal approach is going to be sharply tuned into the travel industry’s latest trends. Plus, your content is going to be heavily based on the development of your buyer personas. These are just some of the areas Primal can assist your business:

  • Website Design – fast and easy-to-navigate websites improve conversions
  • Search Engine Optimisation – generates organic traffic and reaches new customers
  • Online Reputation – enhances the perception of your brand across the internet
  • Email Marketing – keeps your customers aware of new products and promotions
  • Content Marketing – engages your customers and showcases brand values
  • Social Media – promotes your content and converts customers
  • Paid media – reaches highly engaged leads
  • Google AdWords Management – data-driven strategies that get results
Reach Travellers And Boost Bookings

Reach Travellers And Boost Bookings

Malaysia’s tourism industry is only growing bigger, with more than 20 million international tourists visiting the country in 2019. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Primal is positioned to help the entire spectrum of travel-related businesses reach their customers and increase market share. From hotel operators and tour companies to destination marketers, we have the experience to develop a powerful digital marketing response to your business goals. If you support your business with a carefully considered campaign that delivers outstanding content, utilises detailed data and capitalises on the latest trends, growing your brand is easily within your grasp.

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Partner With A Talented Agency

As an award-winning digital agency, Primal’s talented team has the experience to help your brand outperform its competition. Our content marketing can significantly boost the reach of your business, while our advertising campaigns use in-depth buyer personas to effectively target your ideal customers. Alongside these strategies, we’ll also provide frequent reports on our progress, helping your business identify emerging markets and generate strategies that seize upon them before your rivals. Meanwhile, we specialise in hotel digital marketing strategies that increase bookings and deliver an incredible ROI. Talk to Primal to find out how we can ensure the next travel season is your brand’s best.

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