Preserve Your Page Rankings

Preserve Your Page Rankings

If your website receives a Google penalty, you’re at risk of losing your high ranking content. The business implications from these violations are huge, as your website no longer appears on Google’s first page. This means an unavoidable drop in traffic and sales. In recent years, Google has become increasingly active at enforcing its rules, as they want to ensure users can quickly find the information they are searching for. If you receive a Google penalty, it’s a clear sign you’re doing something wrong.

Staying on Google’s good side is imperative to success. You’ll be able to market effectively to your target market, helping your business boost its reach and generate profit. However, if your business does receive a strike, all is not lost. Led by an experienced agency like Primal, Google penalty recovery is entirely possible. We’re specialists at restoring business reputation in the eyes of Google, as we produce high-quality content that search engines love.

Create Content That Gets Promoted

Create Content That Gets Promoted

If you notice a massive dropoff in page rankings and traffic, there’s a good chance you’ve received a Google penalty. Before you panic, check for a Google penalty by using a digital tool. If the penalty is confirmed, it’s time to take action. These violations are usually caused by two elements on your website: links and content.

Links are often the culprit in an SEO penalty assessment. There are many explanations for this, but some of the most common issues arise after linking to irrelevant or low-quality websites. Other times, it can be due to link stuffing or including inorganic links within your content.

If your links are legitimate, the next place to look is your content. These days, it’s vital your content is always relevant, educational and undoubtedly original. When including keywords, never pad your content with meaningless terms, as this is a quick way to receive a penalty. If you centre your content around providing the most readable experience for your audience, you can’t go wrong.

Climb The Search Engine Results Page

Climb The Search Engine Results Page

Links and content might be the reason behind the majority of violations, but there are countless other ways to receive a Google penalty. The ideal way to avoid a Google penalty is by working with an expert digital marketing agency like Primal. Alongside our superior team, we can design your business a robust website, ensuring your content delivers results and stays within Google’s standards. Meanwhile, if you do happen to incur a penalty, we know how to get your website back in Google’s good books.

If you want to remain well clear of any issues with Google, there are a few simple rules that will always keep you safe. Firstly, you should only include links on your website that are authentic and complement your brand. Next, avoid stuffing your content with irrelevant keywords or redundant terms. Finally, always generate original content that your audience finds useful. If you stick to these simple guidelines, your business is bound to benefit.

Avoid Google Penalties with Exceptional Content

Avoid Google Penalties with Exceptional Content

As an experienced team based in Kuala Lumpur, Primal’s reputation as one of the region’s leading digital marketing agencies is well earned. Having spent years working with a plethora of leading businesses across the full spectrum of industries, we’re experts at keeping brands on the right side of Google’s algorithms. Partnering with a top Google penalty agency like Primal ensures you’ll never encounter a violation.

Primal knows the ins and outs of Google’s latest practices. By letting us handle your content, we’ll review every link that goes on your website, making sure it’s authentic, informative and safe to use. Meanwhile, we always follow the most up-to-date guidelines on banned digital tools, including hidden links and hidden text. Keeping up with changes to Google can be difficult at the best of times, but Primal puts your content in trusted hands. Reach out to our content specialists today to find out how we can assist your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you experience a rankings hit, some of the possible explanations range from search algorithm updates and black-hat tactics to keyword stuffing and irrelevant links. Always strive to avoid these.
Many free online tools can confirm a Google penalty. You can also use the Google Search Console or Google Analytics’ reports to consider your traffic drops alongside major Google updates.
There are two kinds of Google penalties. Links are usually the reason for receiving a manual penalty, while algorithmic penalties occur without notice and can leave you in the dark.
If links cause your business to receive a manual penalty, removing them usually recovers your website rankings. However, algorithmic penalties take months to recover from as data refreshers are sporadic.
If Google Search Console didn’t send a warning but your traffic drops, it’s likely that an automatic Google update has caused an issue. This requires you to take immediate action.