Primal Digital Agency

I - Industry & Situational Insights

Primal gathers and utilises market research and data to develop high-level intelligence to get real consumer insights to develop high-level strategic approaches. Primal deploy’s our data tools across your industry, competitors and audiences while understanding the latest trends to better understand your current situation. Additionally, Primal analyses and audits your existing analytics across your past advertising, website and marketing performance against benchmarks.

Primal Digital Agency

N - Needs Analysis

After Primal successfully establishes the current situation, we assist in understanding the key drivers for change and determine the best options or solutions to resolve issues, improve bottom-line performance, and set mutually agreed success metrics. Primal seeks and finds the lowest hanging fruit to enable quick wins to deliver positive results quickly and assist in driving the long-term strategy moving forward.

Primal Digital Agency

S - Strategic Plan

Using our data and objectives, Primal develops a strategic plan on how we can achieve the desired impact and results with a clear approach to our segmented market, our targeting, positioning and communications of the brand. Understanding the best approach to achieving your long-term objectives is key to providing exceptional efficiency and budget allocation for your digital campaigns. Make sure you have a strategy that enables your online sales to explode.

Primal Digital Agency

T - Tactical "Full-Funnel" Execution

A Primal speciality, using our expert knowledge, we deploy your strategy across an intelligent mix of digital channels from awareness to conversion and retention to enable you to develop recurring and predictable profit. Primal determines the most appropriate account structure, acquisition tactics, testing prioritisation and budget allocation strategies to deploy to deliver maximum ROI.

Primal Digital Agency

I - Ideation & Creatives

Today’s society is highly visual and wants brands to be authentic. Real visuals of your brand will enable your customers to trust your brand and raise credibility. Primal develop’s creatives that resonate with your brand values and deliver tangible results. Our team’s design thinking approach enables us to create visually pleasing, on-brand, eye-catching content and creatives designed to convert.

Primal Digital Agency

N - Non-Stop Optimisation Framework

We implement an adaptable and customised framework for your campaigns so we can test more, test smarter, and achieve better results at scale. These frameworks enable our teams to automate optimisations to your ads and content to help you get ahead of your competition. This concept has been deployed across 100s of millions of dollars of campaigns and the learnings have enabled us to develop a proven and repeatable model for generating leading digital marketing results.

Primal Digital Agency

C - Control

Primal develops 24/7 dashboards and reporting using our success metrics to ensure our measurement plan provides insightful analytics to make better data-driven decisions.

Primal Digital Agency

T - Team, Timeline & Budget

Who does what and by when? We identify the responsibilities and structures and our internal resources and skills to execute the digital strategy and a defined timeline and budget.

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