Understanding The Basics of Google Ads

Searching for products and services is now easier than ever before. Google boasts 3.5 billion searches per day, processing more than 40,000 search queries per second, allowing Google Ads to be an apt marketing tool for businesses.

Boost Online Exposure with Google Ads

When Google launched in September 1998, it was serving only 10,000 search queries each day. The chart below shows the tremendous growth Google has experienced since its founding.

Chart showing Google reaching 1.2 trillion searches by 2012
Entering keywords into the search bar prompts Google to generate both organic and paid results.

Organic search results are those produced through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords skillfully embedded into the written content of a website. An example of SEO would be a digital marketing agency for businesses using keywords such as “digital marketing agency,” “seo agency” and “google ads agency.”

Paid search results require companies to pay to boost their ranking in search engines, guaranteeing their product or service will make the top of the list. Below is an example of how paid search results appear in Google. The first four results are marked “Ad,” and are examples of paid results generated by the search keywords “SEO Agency.” Paid ads always rank at the top, with organic search results generated by SEO appearing afterwards.

Paid ads are required to include the “Ad” designation. The first four results in the search image below are paid ads.

Paid search results are on top of a search result page
There is great debate among marketing professionals about whether organic or paid results are better. The bottom line is both have value. Organic results bring potential customers based on specific products and services if SEO is used creatively throughout the company’s website. Paid results bring customers to your site who previously researched a product or service and are ready to buy.

Google Ads Increase Online Exposure?

Paid ads that boost a product or service in Google search results are called Google Ads. This service was first available to advertisers on October 23, 2000. In its original inception, it was called Google AdWords, and it launched with only 350 advertisers. At the time, the service was considered groundbreaking, offering advertisers a flexible program designed to fit any marketing budget. In 2018, Google re-branded its paid advertising platform to Google Ads and expanded its offerings under the new name.

Creating a Google Ad campaign is easy and affordable. Google Ads can be tailored to achieve specific search ads results, including:

  • Increasing call volume to a business
  • Increasing foot traffic to a business
  • Driving people to a business website
  • Generating new leads
  • Promoting brand awareness
  • Increasing awareness of promotional campaigns

Businesses can decide to target local or global audiences. Businesses can establish a budget cap for their search ads campaign to ensure they stay within their marketing budget.

Options Available for Google Search Ads

Google Ads offers four campaign options:

Search Campaigns make use of search ads to help customers find your business when Googling specific keywords.

Shopping Campaigns allow businesses to showcase products, targeting shoppers based on keyword searches. Businesses are only charged if a customer clicks through the ad to reach the company’s website.

Display campaigns make use of captivating visual ads guaranteed to reach 90 percent of Internet users globally. Google display ads appear on websites, news pages, Google-related sites (Gmail, YouTube) and blogs.

App campaigns specifically promote iOS or Android apps via Google Search, YouTube, Google Play, among other platforms.

Video campaigns assist in improving reach and engage viewers on platforms across the web.

Screenshot of setting up a Google Ads campaign

Including Google Ads in a Marketing Campaign

Now you know what Google Ads is, is it right for promoting your brand? Google Ads is a wise investment as part of your overall marketing goals regardless of the size of your business. If you’re looking for a Google Ads Agency in Malaysia, we can help you. The experts at Primal can work with your business to determine the most cost-effective way to incorporate Google Ads into your marketing plan.