YouTube Ads For Newbies: How It Helps In Growing Your Business In Malaysia

We know, we know, writing a blog about the benefits of YouTube ads is extremely “devil advocate-y” if you think about them from a consumer perspective. I mean, who likes being interrupted in the middle of a Kanye West deepfake video with promotions? However, as business owners, you need to remember that the treatment of YouTube ads is similar to how ads on television used to work. Sure, we were annoyed, but over time and with the ads themselves being engaging, so many ads from the Malaysian television landscape became iconic. This same treatment can be applied when considering how ads work on YouTube.

How Ads Work On YouTube

Simply put, YouTube ads are a type of video ad done through Google ads to reach a wider set of audience. Contrary to popular belief, a YouTube video ad doesn’t just appear prior to a video you want to play, but they are also available as YouTube search results for your perusal. Unlike an SEO or a PPC campaign, YouTube ads require a lot more effort (not implying that the aforementioned campaigns don’t require effort!). However, from a financial standpoint, YouTube ads take up more moolah which, fortunately, translates to more views for your business.

Despite the existence of skippable ads, YouTube ads’ superiority is evident by their ability to connect with your target audience directly and their measurement of success.


Types of YouTube Video Ads

Just like there isn’t one genre of YouTube videos, there also isn’t one type of YouTube ad as well, In fact, there are six types of YouTube ads. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?


It’s interesting how ads work on YouTube to such great results

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1. In-Stream Non Skippable Ads

As the ad format we’re most familiar with, these ads appear before, after and even in the middle of a video. Due to the video’s nature of being unskippable, these videos usually come equipped with a CTA to encourage viewers to purchase the product etc.


2. Skippable Ads

Another common form of ads YouTube users are familiar with is the Trueview in stream ads or the skippable ads. Similar to non skippable video ads, these ads can be placed before, after or in the middle of a video. The difference, however, is that the video can be skipped after 5 seconds.


3. Bumper Ads

Bumper ads usually last only six seconds and are aimed to reach the point directly. These ads are only placed before the video starts.

Have you wondered if the type of ads influences the YouTube advertising cost?

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4. Overlay Ads

You know those ads that appear and obstruct your video view, yeap, those are Overlay Ads! These semi-transparent ads appear with an “X” option occupying about 20% of your screen, which leads to the client’s website if clicked.


5. Display Ads

Display ads or also known as video discovery ads, are those ads that appear first on the YouTube homepage or the first video that appears after you input a search. Even at a YouTube channel, display ads appear first before the recommended videos.


6. Sponsored Card Ads

Technically, sponsored card ads are ads that appear on videos that are promoting your products directly. For example, if your video is aimed to promote a certain product, a sponsored card featuring said product will appear on the video.


How to advertise on YouTube?

Considering the human brain nowadays, video content is doing better than ever.

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The first step to advertising on YouTube is by setting up a Google Ads account. After which, here are the steps:

  1. Set your budget and bid
  2. Choose how you want your ad to be displayed (in-stream or bumper)
  3. Target the audience you want to see your ads (demographic, interests etc) 
  4. Create an appealing ad and choose how long it should run for 
  5. Monitor the results of your campaign and make necessary changes as needed.

Overall, YouTube ads may seem like an annoyance at first, but they can be beneficial for businesses if executed effectively. So why not give them a try? Who knows, maybe one day we’ll have YouTube ads that we fondly remember just as we remember those old-school television commercials.


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