Is It Hard to Get Backlinks in Malaysia?

A backlink is one of the most important factors when considering creating a website or blog. A backlink or link is a reference to your website from another website. Link helps to determine your website’s popularity or importance. If you have many backlinks to your website, it will increase your website popularity. Backlinks also increase the value or page rank of your website. It is not easy to get backlinks. You need to spend a lot of time creating many backlinks, which takes time.

Getting backlinks from malaysian websites is not easy, and it takes time and resources. There are different methods and tips that you can try to get backlinks easier.


Here Are Different Methods On How To Get a Backlink

Referral Sources

When creating a backlink strategy, finding backlink opportunities with referral sources that are more likely to lead to conversions is important. A referral source directs traffic to a website, and link building with a referral source can help build website traffic. While there are many types of referral sources, it’s important to only focus on those that can help increase your site’s traffic and SEO.

Create Partnership With External Link

Outbound links are great ways to increase your page rank with search engines. Search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, rely on links to understand the organisation of your site and where to place your site in the list of results. When you are writing a blog post, you may link to another site or another page on that other site using anchor text. This is a form of hyperlink. But it’s also a form of link building because you create that connection for the reader and tell the search engines you’re linking out to a trusted source.

Skyscraper Content Is Worth A Try

Your content should be optimised to get backlinks. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and many people use it to try and rank their websites higher in the search engines. When optimising, you are making sure that your website loads quickly, has the correct keyword density, and links to related websites. All of these factors will help you create a Skyscraper Content.

Add Infographic To Your Content

Infographics are a type of visual marketing. They’re a great marketing tool for new and seasoned marketers alike. They’re also used by bloggers, who use them to create content that’s visual and shows their capabilities. One type of infographic that resonates with bloggers and marketers alike is data infographics. These infographics feature graphics that illustrate a particular data set, and they help readers understand trends and patterns.

High-Quality Content is Important

content isn’t dead, but it may be lifeless. Marketers need to engage audiences with compelling, quality content. In today’s crowded web, quality trumps quantity. High-quality content such as blog posts, videos, and infographics – creates a lasting first impression that resonates with your audience and makes them want to do more business with you. There are a variety of ways to get backlinks, but high-quality content will always be the most direct and powerful.

Guest Blogging

Many bloggers are exploring guest blogging as a means of increasing their visibility and driving traffic to their sites. While the practice isn’t new, it’s recently made a comeback due to the popularity of guest blogging. Guest blogging is the process of submitting an article to a blog that is written by someone else. In essence, it’s a mutually beneficial relationship where a blogger finds a new audience for their existing content, while the author gets the opportunity to promote their website or even a book.

Join Thread Forums

The only way to get backlinks from websites is by creating threads in forums and participating in discussions. Forums have thousands of active members and a good number of them post threads daily. That means members in forums are always on the lookout for content.



In conclusion, yes, it is hard to get backlinks in Malaysia. The hardest part of link building is finding relevant high-quality backlinks. You have to find links on relevant websites, which have quality and relevant anchor text. After that, you have to find websites linking to those links, and again, find relevant and quality links on those websites.