Generate More Sales with Facebook Collaborative Ads

In the digital-first world, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have made online shopping even more convenient. Internet use has become more widespread than ever, as the reach of online shopping has exploded in recent years. Facebook Collaborative Ads has been a landmark development, offering brands and retailers the opportunity to work together and grow their revenue.

What are Collaborative Ads?

Facebook’s Collaborative Ads platform aims to optimise the process of buying products online. Through the use of dynamic advertising, the platform allows brands to create product catalogues that filter items belonging to certain businesses. This method of segmenting an audience lets brands generate highly specific ad campaigns, targeting people who have already shown interest in their products. With collaborative ads, these advertisements drive traffic to the product page, ultimately rewarding both retailers and brands.

Through collaborative ads on Facebook, the retailers receive a two-fold advantage as the links from dynamic ads convert customers to catalogue and products pages. In this mutually beneficial relationship, brands can push their products to more customers and boost sales (Hannah, 2019). As the use of Facebook Collaborative Ads has soared, the concept has also extended to Instagram ads.

As an example, brands featured in the following Mayday campaign from e-commerce retailer Lazada used collaborative ads to increase their reach and sell more products.

Screenshot highlighting the collaboration between Lazada & Mac for an ad.

What is CPAS, and how does it work?

Collaborative Platform Advertising Solutions (CPAS) is a gamechanger for e-commerce businesses, as it offers the possibility of partnering with outlets like Lazada and Shopee. With CPAS, brands can closely monitor the success of their marketing campaigns with real-time data. This makes it easier to run ads that generate profit, as brands produce precise campaigns and allocate budgets with confidence.

Formally, brands that lacked their own e-commerce platform struggled to measure how their campaigns performed. However, the development of collaborative ads has made analysing the effectiveness of an ad much easier, with brands now able to make adjustments to their campaign and increase their ROI.

Estee Lauder Thailand’s Facebook Collaborative Ad with Lazada reveals how helpful this type of marketing can be.

Several screenshot from different application to show collaborated ads.
Here, Estee Lauder Thailand (brand) works together with Lazada (retailer). Lazada’s product catalogue serves as the ideal way for Estee Lauder Thailand to place strategic dynamic ads. By clicking on the Estee Lauder Thailand ad, the user is sent directly to Lazada, where they can complete their purchase. In this sense, collaborative ads clearly benefit both brands and retailers.

Four Steps for Successful Collaborative Ads:

  1. Brands develop attractive dynamic ads that target appropriate customers.
  2. The users click the collaborative ad image and are then shown a ‘shop now’ button.
  3. Users click through and land directly on the retailer’s website.
  4. Potential customers can then shop the brand’s products and complete the checkout process.

Tip: As you can track customers using Facebook Collaborative Ads, even if they don’t complete their purchase, you can design a retargeting campaign to convert them in the future.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, having data about the habits of your customers is imperative to success. Collaborative ads provide incredible insight for both brands and retailers, using metrics such as Reach, Impressions, Conversions, Clicks and Return on Ad Spend. 

How Collaborative Ads benefit your business

For Brands:

  1. Gather valuable data about the performance of your ads and customer habits.
  2. Drive traffic towards your retail partner’s website and increase sales.
  3. Learn from your ad campaigns with in-depth real-time data.
  4. A dependable service that increases your brand reach.
  5. You don’t have to operate your own e-commerce website.

For Retailers:

  1. Streamlines the process of finding brand partners.
  2. Develop your own platform by increasing sales and reputation.
  3. Access more markets by using collaborative ads.

Get ahead of the competition by using collaborative ads today. Since the platform’s launch, it’s provided incredible benefits for both brands and retailers, as you can easily review the success of your marketing efforts. Backed by detailed reporting and real-time data, businesses can develop advertising strategies that get results. 

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