Improve Your Attention Span With These 6 Healthy Social Media Habits

Here’s a challenge, try reading this article to the finish without getting distracted by other social media apps. It’s difficult, we know, especially considering just how much content is out there to consume. Consider this, a majority of content out there is being marketed as “short-form”, from stories to TikToks to Reels. Analysing the cause-effect of the content emergence shows that the overconsumption of short-form content has reduced our attention span to a mere 8 seconds!

Without healthy social media habits, our spending time on these apps will just increase exponentially to no end and ultimately affect our in-person interactions. Obviously, a complete detachment from the digital world could be impossible, especially considering if you’re working in a digital agency.

Attention Span & Digital Marketing

Performing digital marketing in Kuala Lumpur, we at Primal Malaysia have learnt to gauge and adapt to every new age audience and the way they choose to be influenced by advertising (to be hyperlinked with the psychological tactics blog). Nevertheless, with future audiences having a shorter attention span, digital marketers are finding it harder to market their brands in just an 8-second time frame.


Finding a way to relay information in a limited amount of time is a full-time job!

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A short attention span can affect your business as websites find it hard to retain visitors with messages that are not clear and direct. When the content is not presented in an aesthetically-pleasing way, users are more likely to simply skim through it, wasting your effort.

In the spirit of healing and taking back control of your own life, we shall have a look at developing healthy habits with your social media usage.

Spending Time Online Too Much?

1. No More Doomscrolling

Doomscrolling does not refer to spontaneous combustion when you scroll too much; instead, it refers to excessively scrolling through a negative social media feed. A study published in the Health Communication journal found that from a group of 1,100 participants, 16.5% showed signs of poor mental health and higher stress levels after overconsumption of negative news.

Unsurprisingly, social media consists of two spectrums, a wholesome, positive presence and another filled with negative emotions. How you choose to contribute to either narrative with your own social media use is how you start using social media healthily.

2. Limit Your Screen Time

We know, we know, your phone is your everything! However, with just minor limitations or at least with breaks in between, you’d be surprised how improved your well-being is. Ironically, smartphone themselves comes with settings on customisable lock times to limit your time on social media platforms.

Limiting screen times especially play an important role right before you go to sleep. SCL Health reported that the blue light emitted by your phones inhibits melatonin production that controls your circadian rhythm. This then inevitably makes it more difficult for you to sleep and wake up the next day.

Reducing social media use doesn’t have to be dark and desolate!

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3. Make Hobbies Great Again

If the 90s or early 00s was your era, everyone had a hobby, whether it was reading, drawing, or indulging in whatever childish whims adults never seem to understand. Consider this, when was the last time you indulged in an activity as a hobby without considering the monetary perspective?

Contrary to popular belief, NOT EVERY HOBBY SHOULD BE MONETISED! Once in a while, take up a book, do a puzzle, paint some sceneries or even take up journaling. Indulging yourself in a hobby once in a while and while you’re there, be patient with your progress!

4. Foster Healthy Relationships

Capturing the moments is all the rage these days but in our pursuit of making those memories last forever, have we forgotten how to be with our loved ones? You can’t deny how it has brought us closer, but continuous online interactions have impacted in-real life communications.

No, this isn’t a sign to “ghost” your friends; instead, the next time you’re out to them, keep your phones away and invest your full attention in the conversation. If you’re still finding it difficult, maybe it’s time to make some new friends.

5. Feel The Burn

Keeping yourself active has shown positive effects on being detached from social media, and let’s be honest, when you’re puffing and panting, who has time to check Instagram? Studies have proven that exercise improves your attention span and greatly helps those with ADHD. Start slow with a 30-minute brisk walk every day!

It’s a win-win situation, you get fitter, and you get to post a #fitspo picture for your followers as well.

6. Seek Professional Help

Speaking of ADHD, did you know that at least 75% of adults who have ADHD go about their lives not even aware that they have it? Undiagnosed ADHD is still rampant due to the lack of public awareness and Asians who seem to brush everything under the carpet!

Thus, taking the first step in meeting with a professional can set into motion how to view not only social media healthily but life in general.

How Primal Malaysia Copes With A Distracted Audience?

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