Top 10 Youtubers In Malaysia With The Most Subscribers

Being a YouTuber is a prestigious job with a high salary, and you get to be your own boss. However, many people don’t jump into it because of how difficult it is actually to break through and gain a huge following. Starting a YouTube channel may not be for everyone, but many Malaysians have put in the work and become really popular. In this article, we’re going to look at Malaysians with the most subscribed YouTube channels. However, we are only focusing on content creators instead of YouTube channels of media companies such as Les Copaque, TV3 and Monsta. So, our list will only consist of actual people with the most subscribers on their YouTube channel.

As of July 2022, these are the ten Malaysians with the most subscribed channels on YouTube:

10. zukiemohamad – 1.76M Subscribers


The first YouTuber on this list is a hilarious entertainer, Zukie Mohamad, and he has a huge following of 1.76 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He became famous for his vlogs, pranks, viral videos, and series of short skits, which he turned into a two-hour movie.

9. invisible super – 1.96M Subscribers


The next YouTuber on this list stays behind the camera with his animation videos. His content consists of comedic Among Us animations. Invisible Super’s meteoric rise is rather impressive, gaining a mindblowing 2 million subscribers for his YouTube channel in just a year.

8. Isa Isarb – 2.49M Subscribers


If you’re a fan of Mr Beast, then you’ll love Isa Isarb. This Malaysian YouTuber loves social experiments and spreading kindness with extravagant amounts of money. Instead of ordinary charity, he likes to make it entertaining. For example, he does YouTube videos asking people for money to see if they’re kind enough to give, and if they do, he’ll give them ten times the amount back.

Not only that, he uses his platform as a promotional tool for Hollywood movies to connect to Malaysians. He’s interviewed major stars such as John Cena, Vin Diesel, and Chris Pratt for their new movies.

7. Syahmi Sazli – 2.73M Subscribers


Muhd Syahmi Sazli is an extremely talented filmmaker who caught the attention of many when he released a series of short videos entitled Baso Jate Pilih Rupo. His creativity didn’t stop there, releasing more original YouTube mini-series over time. His most famous series was Drama Spontan, which featured stellar acting from himself and Asif Suhaimi, an actor who has Autism.

He has gone on to direct two feature-length movies while still pursuing a YouTube career. His film, Mael Totey, managed to make a whopping RM6.4 million in the first 24 days when released on Astro First.

6. Nur Amira Syahira – 2.79M Subscribers

Nur Amira Syahira rose to fame with her amazing drum cover of Koi Mil Gaya from the Bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The YouTube video blew up on her music channel with more than 40 million views on YouTube. She learnt how to play the drums from YouTube and started posting when she was just ten years old. Since then, she’s saved up to buy and DIY her very own campervan so she can travel around Malaysia with her family while posting travel vlogs.

5. Namewee – 3.33M Subscribers

Whether you know Namewee for good or bad reasons, he is still one of the biggest entertainers in Malaysia. Namewee is a man of many talents with notable works as a composer, artist, filmmaker and actor. Namewee is no stranger to controversy, with songs such as Negarakuku, his latest film entitled Babi. Looking past those controversies, he is still a very talented creator with hit songs, You’re Not Red, Thai Love Song and the popular film Nasi Lemak 1.0, just to name a few.

Just a month ago, Namewee released a new music video to celebrate the upcoming 2022 World Cup featuring one of football’s greats, Thierry Henry.

4. Jordan Yeoh Fitness – 3.57M Subscribers

Jordan Yeoh turned his enthusiasm for fitness into one of the most subscribed YouTube channels in Malaysia. This former scrawny kid turned his life around when he started working out five times a week. Now, he’s teaching his 3.57 million subscribers how to be as ripped as him. Besides just running a YouTube channel, he is a model and has his own training guide and app, which people can use to get personalised training advice from him.

3. JO Channel – 3.58M Subscribers

These three adorable children are the most viewed YouTube channel on this list. They make YouTube videos that fellow kids want to watch. They keep you up with the latest toys with unboxing and toy reviews. As a full-on lifestyle channel for children, they do viral challenges with their parents as well as vlogs about their travels and parenting styles.

2. Alieff Irfan – 4.33M Subscribers

Alieff Irfan worked hard to have the second most subscribed YouTube channel in Malaysia, but he nearly didn’t even pursue this career path. He was in University before dropping out to pursue content creating full time. It certainly wasn’t an easy decision, but he managed to make it work by making creative content, such as hilarious skits and viral trending challenges. He still continues to entertain Malaysians even after getting married and welcoming twins into his family. With his YouTube success, he was also able to own a huge collection of supercars.

1. Alyssa Dezek – 4.39M Subscribers

Alyssa Dezek has the most subscribed YouTube channel in Malaysia, and she hasn’t even finished SPM! She started posting videos when she was just five years old and is best known for her song covers, but she also posts videos of herself playing the ukulele and guitar. Her fame led her to release her own original song, Lagu Untuk Kamu, which now has over 200 million views on YouTube. In addition to her YouTube fame, Alyssa has also appeared in several local movies, music videos and TV shows. Thanks to her talent and hard work, Alyssa has become one of Malaysia’s most successful young celebrities.

This list proves that anyone can make their own videos and become a successful YouTuber. With hard work and dedication, you may be able to have the most subscribed channel in Malaysia one day.