SEO Agency vs Freelancer vs In-House SEO: Which One Fits Your Business?

With each passing day, the value of online marketing grows. Both large and small start-ups are engaging in digital marketing channels to get revenue and a greater return on investment.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is a term that refers to the process of optimising a website. SEO is one of the most vital foundations of internet marketing and is a long-term investment that firms should consider. 

But the million-dollar question is how to invest in SEO. Several options include hiring an in-house SEO team, outsourcing your SEO requirements to an agency, or passing it on to SEO freelancers.

Hiring an In-House SEO Team

SEO in the contemporary world is no longer a one-man show, and to see significant increases in SERP ranks, traffic, and leads; you need a committed team of in-house SEO specialists. In-house teams provide several advantages, including regularly assisting with minor difficulties on the website. However, having an in-house SEO team is often hindered by budget constraints.

Outsource to an SEO Agency

When a company does not have the funds to engage an in-house SEO team, outsourcing to an agency that provides professional SEO services and internet marketing is the best alternative.

SEO companies often employ a team of SEO experts, content creators, link builders, and project managers, and they typically operate with several customers throughout the world.

Outsourcing your SEO needs to an SEO firm is beneficial in that you’re entrusting your work to individuals who are experts. SEO experts often work with several customers and have experience dealing with various problems. So, if your website has an SEO issue, they will quickly detect and resolve it. 

But because they already have a lot of clients, agencies frequently don’t have time to connect with you one-on-one. This poses issues when your firm wishes to shift its web marketing approach drastically.

Hiring SEO Freelancers

Which One Fits Your Business

Don’t underestimate what SEO can do for your business!

SEO freelancers don’t work in-house or for an agency. They not only take on your SEO project but are also accountable for increasing traffic, ranking, and leads for your company.

People who are dissatisfied with the agency environment and their manner of working typically use SEO freelancers for their web marketing needs. SEO freelancers don’t take on too many projects and give you more attention.

An SEO freelance consultant is the best choice for businesses that want a more personalised experience.

What is ideal for my business?

Choosing between the above three options is a difficult decision for a business. But it all depends on what your future goals are. 

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