How to Find Out if Your SEO Agency is Helping You?

Nobody expects you to know all there is to know about professional SEO services. That’s why you’re hiring experts to do the task for you.

However, it’s your responsibility to have a basic understanding of what makes a good SEO expert so that you can make an informed decision about which SEO company to choose.

Here are the top three things to look for in an SEO agency:

They Focus on Your Site’s Content

Today, SEO is about much more than keywords and link building. Rather than haphazardly filling up the website with terrible, keyword-stuffed material and spamming links, a smart SEO agency concentrates on producing high-quality content and establishing your website as an authority. 

This may seem unusual, but don’t worry – providing great content will eventually rank your website for various keywords.

A reputable agency may also employ ways to enhance your current situation, such as:

  • Additional content to specific web pages (like your homepage or services pages)
  • Changing the site’s structure to make specific search phrases more visible
  • Optimizing all material on the site
  • Changing the site’s design to boost conversions
  • Developing a long-term content strategy

They Provide Work Reports

A good SEO business will be open and honest with you, providing work reports, videos, and live dashboards to track and understand exactly what work has been done on your site and how your campaign is doing.

However, as a business owner, a ranking report leaves you entirely in the dark about how your SEO is performing. What counts is whether your organic traffic and, more crucially, organic leads are rising over time, not whether you’re on the second page for a relevant phrase within the week. On the other hand, ranking reports might show that Google is beginning to see your site more favourably since excellent SEO will improve your search exposure.

Keep in mind that SEO is not just a quick fix. Too many business owners are focused on short-term success when they should be focusing on the long-term strategy. 

You See a Boost in Rankings, Traffic, or Leads

An SEO specialist firm will implement a strategy that helps boost your metrics. If you’re a business owner obsessed only with a narrow subset of keyword rankings, you’re missing the broader picture.

SEO isn’t only about getting higher rankings; it’s also about getting more leads and sales. When it comes to organic, you must remember that your clients are at various phases of the purchasing process. Focusing on a small selection of keywords might result in you missing out on a much broader pipeline of prospective customers.

Most clients concentrate on the “decision” phase or those highly competitive keywords that your competitors also want to rank for. However, you can boost your traffic and build much bigger brand recognition by positioning yourself on search phrases throughout the buyer’s journey. And a good agency can help you achieve that.


A successful partnership with an SEO agency in Malaysia is founded on mutual understanding. Openly discuss what you need, and let the experts take over and implement strategies that contribute to your bottom line.