The Secret To A Successful eCommerce Business: SEO Marketing

You know there is a massive demand for your products and services. You know they are going to sell. You know people will love them. But the only thing you’re struggling with – how in the world are you going to reach your target audience. You’ve spent thousands on different marketing methods that are “guaranteed to work” to secure your audiences, from social media marketing, email marketing, to content marketing and more, but they just don’t seem to be working. That’s where SEO comes in.

There are a million and one introductory SEO articles or step-by-step guides on how eCommerce marketers can implement SEO into their eCommerce marketing campaigns on the web. Just by typing ‘SEO e-commerce marketing’, ‘eCommerce marketing tactics’, or ‘eCommerce marketing strategies’ into your search engines, you’ll be bombarded with all the information you want and more. It’s there because it works!

The benefits of SEO marketing for eCommerce businesses are bountiful. From lead generation to saving up on your marketing spend, SEO can help you and your business in many ways.

First & foremost, what is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation also known in its acronym – SEO – includes a range of on-page, off-page, content, and technical optimisation to increase the quality and quantity of search engine traffic directed to a website, which in this case, your eCommerce site.

How can SEO benefit an eCommerce business?

Whether you’ve just started an eCommerce business or have been around for a while, an effective eCommerce marketing strategy that will attract more potential customers is crucial for you. Higher (and better quality) traffic often always equals more sales for eCommerce websites. More sales equal more profit, the ultimate goal for all eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs. With the right SEO marketing strategy, these are all achievable goals.

1. Lead Generation

SEO for eCommerce helps attract visitors and funnel-in new potential customers interested in buying from you. Unlike paid advertising, SEO enables you to land a high rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) organically. That means you won’t need to spend a huge chunk out of your marketing budget for your eCommerce website to be placed directly in front of those looking for it, giving you the opportunity to sell.

2. Increase Quality of Leads

Reaching your target audience is one thing, while converting them to paying customers is another. SEO helps to identify precisely what those people want and present the necessary information they need to make a decision. Another benefit to SEO eCommerce marketing is gaining customer loyalty. When you are consistently delivering information with high relevancy to audiences, in addition to easy readability and web navigation, your brand is able to gain the trust and confidence of online buyers.

3. Exponentially Multiply Sales

Increase Online Conversion with eCommerce SEO

Convert Your Audience To Customers With eCommerce SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO’s primary goal is to direct more visitors to your online store. The more clicks into your website from people interested in your products, the better your chances of higher sales and profit. You can also quickly increase your chances of successfully converting your visitors with SEO implementations when combined with an eCommerce platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce that offers a seamless way to launch your online business.

4. Build Domain Authority

Domain authority is determined by how trustworthy search engines evaluates a website to be. Higher domain authority is awarded to eCommerce websites with more relevant and user-friendly web content. Authoritative websites rank higher in SERPs and enjoy the trust of web searchers. Proper SEO practices will help you build a website that online users trust and will want to visit frequently. As emphasised early, when your eCommerce website consistently provides relevant information to audiences, your brand can gain the confidence and loyalty of online buyers.

5. Reduce Marketing Spend

SEO results are long-term, meaning you’ll enjoy their benefits for longer. Paid ads on social media platforms are a great option when your marketing campaign’s goal is short-term. Introducing a new product to your audiences or expanding your business into a new market can highly benefit from paid advertising. However, clicks from ads typically end when your campaign ends. For long term sustainability and growth, a well-designed product page will keep driving traffic for as long as it remains relevant.

We are living in the midst of technological advancement. Every search done online, be it when users are online shopping or just looking for information, will be directed to sites with spot-on content and reliable information. The algorithm of popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing is programmed to prioritise their users. And like how trends are rapidly ever-changing, the algorithm is built to keep up with them. Staying updated with new rules and regulations set by search engines are one of the most crucial elements when implementing SEO in your eCommerce marketing strategy.

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