Multiplied Sales With Multicultural Marketing

Scour the Internet, and you’ll find you’d be bombarded with advertisements everywhere you look. But what makes an ad memorable or even inspiring to you as a consumer? 

Many marketers believe the answer lies in emotional and cultural resonance. That’s where multicultural marketing or inclusive marketing comes in. This refers to devising and implementing marketing campaigns targeting different cultures and ethnicities (or other identity factors) within your overarching target market.

By approaching marketing in this manner, brands are able to achieve brand loyalty by establishing  deeper connections with diverse customers. This is highly important for businesses operating in an increasingly saturated global market, especially with the advent of younger consumers who place high value on diversity and inclusivity when choosing which brands to support. 

Inclusive and multicultural marketing campaigns help you build rapport with minority groups who are part of your target audience.

Why is diversity important in advertising and marketing?

Inclusive and multicultural marketing campaigns help you build rapport with minority groups who are part of your target audience.

Digital marketing agencies that take multicultural marketing into account when devising marketing strategies can expect the following benefits:

Customer Loyalty

Considering different factors like cultural values, religion, disabilities, medical conditions, and sexual orientation as part of an integrated diversity marketing plan will build more loyalty from customers who tend to find inclusive brands limited. Inclusive marketing also helps influence positive social change in communities. If you are a consumer, what’s not to like about purchasing from a brand that drives social change?

Better Competitive Edge

Businesses who don’t see the value of inclusivity in marketing efforts do not see how much growth their business can attain if they are the go-to brand for multiple segments. If competitors tend to keep their marketing focused on a single segment in their market, it leaves a strategic opening for your business to tap into and  shine.

Entering New, Untapped Markets

When you are the first go-to brand in your product niche to appeal to a new cultural segment, you are setting yourself up for great success because you get to gain customers rapidly without having to deal with a saturated market. Remember – there are target markets that do not receive any information about your product or service due to language barriers, location, or cultural differences. As such, these are opportunities to expand your marketing and acquire new customers.

Inclusive marketing starts with deep and careful market research that dives deep into potential new markets.


So, How Do You Create An Inclusive, Multicultural Marketing Strategy?

Truly inclusive marketing starts with deep and careful market research. This typically involves researching potential new markets or subsets of your current market.

A part of your research should look into different cultural values to inform the adjustments you might need in your current marketing materials so that you can be more inclusive to a broader range of people.

Ask yourself if your current marketing makes your product or service seem less compelling compared to what your new target culture groups tend to value. If yes, you may need to develop new slogans, graphics, and copy that resonates with the new segment of audience.

The following are some steps you can consider taking if you decide to include multicultural marketing in your business strategy:

Conduct Cross-Cultural Consumer Research For A Multicultural Marketing Campaign

If you aren’t diving into research meaningfully, your current marketing strategy may never be able to address key differences in culture and multicultural segments. 

Different kinds of marketing and messaging work for different cultural communities -the most appealing campaigns that work for one target market won’t be as effective in another.

Therefore, get really detailed with your consumer research to personalise your campaigns to each cultural group you are planning to reach.

Inclusive marketing involves constant realignment of your marketing goals according to your customer base.

Realign Marketing Goals Depending On Consumer Base

Culture is usually a main factor behind how consumers purchase things, so you should be wise to consider it throughout your marketing process.

For example, emphasising how your product or service helps you connect with your spouse or family may be less effective in an individualist culture, while a campaign focusing on how your product or service will satisfy an individual need may appear selfish or out of touch in a collectivist culture.

Invest In Website Accessibility

Your user experience should be appealing and convenient for all potential customers from different backgrounds. Minor tweaks, such as including foreign languages, currency options, and trigger warnings, can improve the user experience for people from different cultures or segments when they access your site.

Multichannel Communication For Multicultural Marketing

Using different platforms and channels can help your business implement inclusive marketing and reach new segments all over the world.

You can reach people all over the world if you take the time to figure out the dominant platforms for your different segments to optimise digital marketing strategies.

It is also recommended that you partner up with a dedicated digital marketing agency that does work in different segments. For example, if you’re trying to reach a Malaysian audience, you can connect with a digital marketing agency in Kuala Lumpur.

Creative Marketing Materials

Naturally, people are always looking to see a part of themselves in the things around them – including ads!

Humans are always looking for cues that a product is suitable for them. Even though your target audiences may not directly choose products based on whether they see themselves in the pictures and videos in your marketing, unconsciously, most human beings want to feel included.

When you choose to create creative marketing materials that show how your product or service can fit into the everyday lives of people from different cultures, you might be opening yourself up to a wider customer base.

Develop An Inclusive Team

Good multicultural marketing campaigns come from a diverse working team.

As you work on your approach to multicultural marketing, make sure your company is made up of different people from different backgrounds so you get to combine a range of perspectives that can help inform your marketing.

Ensure your company is made up of different people from different backgrounds so you get to combine a range of perspectives to inform your inclusive marketing strategy.

Make sure you follow these tips if you wish to see your business monopolise markets that other competitors may have overlooked. Get in touch with a digital agency in Malaysia like Primal, so we can help you enter local markets for effective targeted marketing campaigns today!