How to Become an SEO Specialist: A Complete Guide

A digital marketing career will be extremely sought-after in 2023. This isn’t surprising, considering the ongoing shift towards online business, a career in digital marketing is a smart choice for those looking to stay ahead of the curve. Along with many digital marketing skills, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stands out.

Why? SEO skills are in high demand because they help websites rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can lead to increased organic traffic, brand visibility, and, ultimately, revenue. Post the pandemic, more businesses have taken the plunge to have an online presence, regardless of the industry.

As more businesses and organisations move to online, competition for visibility on the internet increases, the need for SEO experts to help improve search engine rankings has grown. Additionally, with the constant updates and changes in search algorithms, SEO is an ongoing process which creates a sustained demand for SEO professionals.

Being a digital marketing agency in Malaysia, Primal is also a top-notch SEO agency. Thanks to our experts, we are able to provide customised SEO strategies for our clients. So, ignoring knowledge gatekeeping, we’re introducing our brand new series on how to seal the deal for digital marketing positions. This time around, we’ll delve into securing an SEO specialist position!

Getting Ahead In The Game By Becoming an SEO Expert

Besides SEO skills being in high demand, there are various other benefits of becoming an SEO specialist in Malaysia. The main one being job security! As the recession looms upon us, everyone is looking for a recession-proof job which is where being an SEO expert stands the test of time. As long as businesses are operating online, there will always be a need for SEO professionals to help them improve their search engine rankings. SEO skills can be applied to a wide range of industries, from e-commerce and retail to healthcare and finance.

On top of that, SEO specialists can also command high salaries, particularly in highly competitive industries. Considering SEO is a constantly evolving field, with new technologies and search algorithms being updated all the time. This means that SEO professionals need to stay informed about the latest developments, which can be challenging but rewarding.

Sure, SEO expertise comes with its own perks, but is it easy to break into the game? Just like any in-demand field, becoming an SEO expert requires dedication, hard work and a willingness to learn.

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Things To Know Before Diving Into The World of SEO

Being an SEO professional entails you learn something new every day, however, once you’ve made the decision to stay in the field, there are a couple of SEO tools and SEO knowledge you should be aware of to stay ahead in the game.

Search Engine Algorithms

As an SEO professional, understanding the inner workings of search engines is crucial to your success. For example, being aware of how Google ranks websites and the factors that are taken into account, such as keywords, backlinks, and website structure.

Keyword Research

Understanding how to conduct keyword research and identify the keywords that are most relevant to a business or website is a key part of SEO.

On-page & Off-page Optimisation

On-page SEO optimisation includes optimising elements such as meta tags, header tags, and website content to improve search engine rankings. Off-page optimisation entails building backlinks from other websites to improve the authority of a website, and its search engine rankings, along with link building


SEO professionals need to be able to track the performance of their efforts and measure the impact of their work. Familiarity with web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console is essential.

Technical SEO & Local SEO

A good and thorough understanding of the technical aspects of SEO, such as website structure, crawling, indexing, and mobile optimisation, is important to be able to identify and fix any technical issues that might be impacting search engine rankings. Technical SEO knowledge also involves knowing local SEO and understanding how it works in promoting local businesses.

Content Optimisation

Creating high-quality, relevant content is critical for SEO success. An understanding of how to optimise content marketing for both search engines and users is essential. Producing SEO blogs isn’t just about adding a certain number of keywords, it involves balancing quality content and curated SEO efforts.

Algorithm Updates

Search engines like Google are constantly updating their algorithms, so SEO professionals need to stay up to date with these changes and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Being SEO Experts at Primal Malaysia

Who else to talk about SEO in Malaysia than one of the leading SEO agencies in Malaysia? One of our leading SEO experts, Iffah, shared some golden advice, saying that a major trait needed to survive in the SEO industry is patience and adaptability. Since SEO doesn’t show overnight success, your strategies would need to be flexible to changing algorithms and search behaviours.

“There will constantly be new things to learn when doing SEO, as major search engines make new changes, and nobody will know for sure how it will impact your website’s ranking. Hence to be an SEO expert, you need to keep yourself updated with news updates and keep on learning every day. “

So, if you’re interested in the world of SEO, where else to start other than Primal Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia? Join our growing team today and watch your career in SEO flourish with each passing day.