3 Important Factors to Determine a Successful SEO Strategy

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, can be overwhelming even to those in the digital marketing industry. When it comes to SEO, you’re adjusting your brand’s website according to search engine algorithms such as Google, Yahoo, and others. Furthermore, these search engines are constantly evolving and updating their systems to prevent black hat SEO techniques and better answer users’ search queries and direct them to only relevant, high-quality content. Did you know Google has over 200 ranking factors in determining which site ends up on the first page of their search engine results page? While your SEO marketing strategy may be extensive, a successful and effective SEO strategy can still be hard to pull off with these rapidly-changing algorithms. However, as long as you’ve included these three important factors in your campaign, you’ve got yourself a solid SEO strategy.

What Determines A Successful SEO Strategy?

The right keyword for your SEO campaign

Conducting keyword research is crucial for just about any SEO campaign you run. Choosing the right keyword to optimise can help to drive up quality traffic significantly. That means a lesser bounce rate and a potentially higher conversion rate. So, what is the right keyword to optimise? There are a lot of factors that go into selecting the right keyword; it can depend on the keyword’s relevancy and search volume as well as users’ search intent and many more. Learn more about how you can choose the right keywords to optimise all your SEO campaigns here. Drive more organic traffic with an efficient keyword strategy that includes target keywords; be it long-tail or short-tail keywords.

Educational, informative, & relevant content

Including Relevant Keywords Into Your Blog Posts

We’ve heard it a million times; content is king. However, flooding your site with content will not guarantee a higher rank on Google’s search results. Write with the readers in mind; provide accurate information with citations when necessary, include an easy-to-follow page layout, bulleted and/or numbered list, and engage the readers with unique, original content while also including relevant and target keywords into your blog post. High authority/profile writers can also highly benefit your web pages, as readers are more compelled to agree with those with expertise in their relevant fields. Create content that will stick with your audience and encourage them to take further action to engage with your business. If you’re finding it difficult to create new content, why not start by modifying existing content? Including targeted keywords in your titles, headlines, meta descriptions, as well as including internal links in your site, is a great way to increase organic search results and your site’s search visibility. 

High-quality backlinks

Last but not least, a successful SEO strategy is not one unless it includes link building strategies. While getting backlinks from authoritative domains are effective, they require more time, effort and price. It can be a lot easier to earn backlinks naturally by providing high-quality content. As discussed earlier, people are more likely to share content on your site if they find it educational, relevant, and informative. As you earn more high authority backlinks, Google will perceive your content to be trustworthy, thus improving your site’s position in SERP for the relevant keywords.

Increasing your search rankings through SEO will indefinitely take time. However, this method will bring in sustainable growth in the long run. Remember! Keyword, content, & backlinks; are the three important factors you will need to run a successful SEO strategy. Are you looking for a reputable digital marketing agency with in-house SEO specialists to run your campaigns? As Malaysia’s leading SEO firm, Primal Malaysia is here to help. Consult us now and get a free strategy audit on us!