Tips & Tricks To Master Mobile SEO For Your Businesses

A worldwide study conducted in 2022 found that mobile devices (excluding tablets) generated 54.4% of global website traffic in Q4, 2021. Additionally, as of Jan 2022, mobile has taken the lead in market share with a whopping 52.8%, with the remaining attributed to 44.5% desktop and 3.2% tablet. With every passing year, we can see the shift towards mobile devices gradually increasing, be it to surf the web, online shop, and more. That is why digital marketers must see that mobile SEO is implemented in their marketing campaigns.

SEO & Mobile SEO: What’s The Difference?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is basically the foundation of digital marketing. Businesses, small and large, implement SEO as a market strategy to improve their rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). When ranking improves on SERPs, it will boost website visibility online and increase organic website traffic and brand awareness. The key difference between SEO and mobile SEO is that the latter focuses on optimising web pages for mobile devices such as site structure and design, page load speed, etc.

Search engine giant, Google, has also taken notice of the importance of prioritising mobile users over desktop users and thus, have rolled out their mobile-first index around 2018. As its name suggests, Google will use the mobile version of web pages for ranking and indexing purposes by default.

50% of global online traffic comes from mobile searches instead of desktop searches; therefore, marketers need to ensure that their web pages adapt seamlessly to mobile devices. From increasing visitors’ average time spent on your website to converting leads to paying customers, the advantages of mobile SEO are limitless.

Mobile SEO Tips: Check your website’s performance using Google’s free service, Google Search Console.

More Leads With Mobile SEO

Generate More Leads With Mobile Search Engine Optimisation

Why Mobile SEO is Important

The reason is pretty straightforward. Mobile SEO will benefit online brands like how SEO practices will. Optimising your website with mobile SEO improves mobile users’ experience as they can navigate your site with ease on their handy-dandy mobile devices. Hence, increasing the chances of them returning to your site in the future.

5 Mobile SEO Strategies That Work

Boost Your Site Speed

Page speed is a huge contributing factor to mobile search ranking. Despite Google insisting that pages with relevant content will rank, web pages with both fast page speed and valuable content will rank even higher. Remember, users will not waste even a second of their valuable time waiting for your site to load. There are a ton of methods to speed up your page, such as minimising redirects and HTTP requests, optimising images, and minifying codes.

Mobile SEO Tips: Check up on your web pages’ load time, both mobile and desktop versions, with Google Page Speed Insight. You can also try implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is an open-source HTML framework developed for high-speed mobile web browsing.

Responsive Mobile Design

Optimising your site to be mobile-friendly starts with a responsive web design. Ensure that your site has a flexible design that will automatically adapt to the size of mobile users’ screens, regardless of mobile device and screen size.

An effective UX design that is highly recommended to implement is the ‘thumb-friendly’ design, which ensures that all navigation and crucial elements are within the ‘thumb zone’. This makes it highly convenient for mobile users to interact with your page, increasing their satisfaction and experience with your site. Another tip for a responsive mobile design is to include visible CTA buttons. With attention-grabbing Call-to-Action buttons, you will be able to help guide users on their next steps and increase conversions on your page.

Keep Important Links & CTAs

Keep Important Links & CTAs in the “Thumb-friendly” Zone

Optimise Local SEO

Mobile users tend to search using queries such as “near me” or “where can I buy” on search engines, which shows that they intend to look for local businesses. That is why it is important to include more local keywords in your mobile content and adapt local SEO in your mobile SEO optimisation. Do also standardize your brand name, address, and phone number in your site’s metadata.

Mobile SEO Tips: Go the extra mile and optimise your page for when users conduct verbal searches. This is a great way to appear in voice searches and increase online visibility.

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

Both page titles and meta descriptions serve as a preview of your page. There’s less screen space to work with on mobile devices; therefore, be as concise as possible. A simple form of mobile SEO is to include relevant keywords in the title tag and limit your page title length to 50-60 characters. When writing your meta descriptions, ensure that the word counts stay within 155-160 characters to avoid them from being truncated on the SERPs.

Quality Mobile-friendly Content

When creating your website, regardless of desktop or mobile version, content should be original relevant, and valuable to audiences. The information on your mobile site must also be arranged so that users can easily navigate and digest them. Keeping it short and sweet is not limited to just page titles and meta descriptions; it is also applicable to headlines, sentences, and any paragraphs that go on your web page.

Mobile SEO Tips: Adding in visual content can enable users to interact and engage with your web page, thus increasing the average time spent and potentially converting audiences.

Creating a mobile-friendly site or implementing mobile SEO practices is by no means an easy or quick task at all. There’s a ton of tweaking and optimising to be done. With time and effort, you will notice your site’s mobile traffic start to increase. If you’re on the search for an experienced digital marketing agency that specialises in all things SEO, look no further than at Malaysia’s leading SEO agency, Primal Malaysia. Contact us now to book a consultation with our SEO specialists today.