Harnessing The Power of Social Media Advertising

As you’re reading this, your other tabs are opened to a few of your favourite social media platforms, from the likes of Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, to name a few. There’s no undermining the power social media has had on the world. It wasn’t long before brands started to realize the power of social media advertising platforms can be harnessed to reach their target audience. As you’re scrolling through, you’re likely to come across multiple social media ads.

What Are Social Media Ads?

A social media advertising campaign involves placing ads across multiple social media platforms(Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.). These paid advertising campaigns are displayed and used to target a specific sub audience customized to each social media platform. Read more here on the top 6 social media ads that can be used for your business.

Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Reach A Larger Group Of Audiences

With an efficient social media and content team backing your social media campaigns, you would be surprised with how a more extensive group audience you can attract to your brand. While an intelligent hashtag can definitely get the word around, no one can deny the power of relatable content being posted on social media.

Social media marketing works alongside entertaining and humorous brands to engage with their audiences. Whether it’s video ads or even just a single picture when your brand shows just a little bit of humanity, the audiences will respond positively to whatever your brand is selling.

Target Ideal Customers

So, now that you’ve amassed this large group audience, all you’ve got to do is those audiences who can be converted into loyal customers. You have complete control over who gets to see your ads through paid ad campaigns on social media platforms. Each platform comes with its targeting parameters you can use to your advantage. For example, Facebook users prefer meme formats that are a little easier to understand than those on other platforms. Business owners can use these parameters to understand those who view their ads the most and target those ads specifically to their ideal customers. On the other hand, Twitter ads are usually more catered for the more serious side and focus on trending issues.

Drive Leads & Conversion

As per all digital marketing campaigns, social media ad campaigns work towards the same goal of growing your ROI. As Facebook adds approximately 500,000 new users every day, this increases your brand awareness and how your customers respond to your ads. However, your social ads will need to be personalized to attract your customers to drive leads across different social media channels.
With the right strategies and, most importantly, suitable CTAs, your ad campaign is guaranteed success.

A Digital Marketing Agency?

You can create your very own social ad campaigns with the right techniques but let’s be honest, do you have the time? Here’s where digital marketing agencies that are familiar with social media companies come through. These agencies harness the power of social media advertising to make sure brands stay up to date with the latest trends and remain relevant throughout different landscapes.

With a social media agency like Primal Malaysia, we produce compelling social media strategies tailored to your brand and the platform you’re targeting. Our digital marketing experts have them all covered, from social media management to PPC to SEO services. Schedule an appointment with our experts and just watch us take your business to the next level.