Exploring the Impact of Lensa AI on Digital Marketing

First, chess. Then, Go. Now, creative works. Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool that is changing the way we do business. Digital marketers are no exception. AI-powered technologies are helping marketers optimise their digital marketing efforts by creating more personalised experiences for their customers and making better-informed decisions about their marketing campaigns. This can be applied to various platforms such as Google, Instagram, or Facebook advertising

Besides popular AI applications such as facial recognition technology, virtual assistants, and autonomous vehicles, AI is also being used in more creative ways to generate music, written content, and artwork. One of the latest and most prevalent developments in this field is the Lensa AI app. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into what the Lensa AI app is, how it works, its potential pros and cons, and how it could impact digital marketing.

What Is Lensa AI?

After a successful launch in 2018, this picture and video app skyrocketed to cultural phenomenon status with the unveiling of its feature, “Magic Avatars”. Lensa app, itself, is a video and photo editing app which lets users modify their uploads, such as removing background, blurring out image imperfections, creating short videos, and more. Lensa AI is in reference to the app’s newly released feature. This “Magic avatars” feature uses AI technology to render custom fantastical images of users based on several photos (user-submitted selfies that can be in the form of images or videos) and text prompts.

In simple terms, it’s an AI portrait app.

How Does It Work?

According to Prisma Labs (the company behind Lensa), the “Magic Avatars” feature operates based on an open-source neural network model called Stable Diffusion. This modal was trained on a sizable set of Internet data to generate images from the text prompts (i.e. superhero, astronaut, fairy princess, etc.). Text prompts are keyed in by users to describe the desired scene of the output image.

Turn your selfies and generate your “magic avatars” with Lensa AI

Source: Freepik

Are you interested in creating fantastical representations of yourself? Try it out with their seven-day free trial on Lensa. After that, you’ll have the option of paying a one-time fee for a set number of unique avatars ( $3.99 for 50 or $35.99 for an annual subscription and unlimited avatars).

The Concerns of Lensa AI

Like everything else in life, there are always two sides to a coin. Several users and experts have weighed in and raised concerns about this app.

Impact on Traditional Artists

While the potential of Lensa AI to streamline digital art production is undeniable, some artists are raising ethical concerns. Questions have been raised over whether it’s replicating and profiting off styles developed by humans, as the “Magic Avatar” feature operates on an open-source neural network model. Besides that, with advances in AI-generated artwork, with a click of a few buttons, you can generate vast quantities of artwork quickly and affordably – which could threaten job security for traditional digital painters in the field.

While it’s true that artificial intelligence can produce interesting visuals quickly and cheaply, many people still prefer traditional art over computer-generated graphics because they find it more emotionally engaging and meaningful.

AI Ethical & Data Privacy Concerns

AI algorithms collect customer data to understand customer preferences and behaviour patterns better. However, this naturally raises some data privacy and ethics concerns. Lensa, for example, will store and process user content for any future app and feature developments.

Additionally, AI has been known to generate biased results – for example, an AI-driven facial recognition algorithm could produce inaccurate results due to gender, age or race bias. As Lensa AI‘s model is trained on unfiltered internet content, there have  been a few instances where the app has generated cartoonishly sexualised and disorienting images as well as racist and sexist images. In one instance, a user reported that the app generated “fully nude photos of an adolescent and sometimes childlike face but a distinctly adult body” from her childhood photos.

Although Lensa’s Terms of Service prohibit users from submitting “nudes” or photos containing minors, many users, mainly women, are still finding their fully clothed images being auto-generated into sexually exaggerated images. Despite the measures that  Lensa has in place to reduce NSFW content, it can still have negative implications for its users.

The Impact Of Lensa AI On Digital Marketing

Lensa AI has the potential to revolutionise digital marketing by allowing marketers access to unique artwork at minimal cost – something that would have been impossible just a few years ago. With this technology, marketers can create custom visuals for their campaigns with ease while also avoiding any potential copyright issues associated with traditional artwork creation methods. Furthermore, it could help them save time and money when developing new campaigns or revamping existing ones.

AI technology can significantly help marketers optimise their digital marketing efforts

Source: Freepik


As exciting as AI software may seem at first glance, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account before using this technology in any capacity. Companies must ensure they’re following all applicable laws when collecting such personal information so as not to violate any personal privacy rights or other ethical standards set forth by local and global regulatory bodies. Businesses should also take steps to ensure they’re only collecting information necessary for their purposes so as not to overload customers with too many unwanted data collection requests or overly intrusive tracking methods.

Overall though, when used responsibly, AI could be an invaluable asset for digital marketers who want access to quality visuals without breaking the bank or infringing upon anyone else’s rights in the process. From artwork to content generation, AI can help businesses kickstart or enhance their content strategy – without worrying too much about copyright issues or costly fees.

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