Employing SEO For Financial Services Made Easier

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? What exactly is SEO, what’s the hype behind it, and how do you employ it for financial services? Firstly, SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of obtaining organic traffic from search engines. SEO functions to improve your site’s position in not a Google search result page but other search engines as well.

Your website becomes fully optimised with proper SEO marketing strategies, thus ranking higher on search pages and generating higher traffic through online searches.

So, how does SEO for financial services work?

Like every other business, SEO is vital for financial services as it works as a digital marketing strategy to help them gain organic traffic using search page results. In financial services, this will help the business or services appear more visible to their target audience when their website has been optimised using SEO strategies.

When it comes to you, how do you use SEO for finance companies?

1. Optimise the RIGHT keywords

Yes, it’s that word again, OPTIMISE, OPTIMISE, OPTIMISE! In the financial services industry, there are some relevant keywords you might notice pop up upon performing extensive research. It’s essential to identify those keywords and integrate them to produce optimised content that attracts targetted searchers to your page. To search these golden keywords, you would have to do keyword research to make sure they are:

  • Actively searched keywords by users.
  • Related to financial services
  • Accurate to financial services and business (shouldn’t be merely clickbait content)

2. Establish YMYL content

What is YMYL content you ask? While SEO for financial services is undoubtedly vital, the type of content you produce is also essential. For financial services, YMYL content refers to the concept of Your Money Your Life, where topics and pages presented will be affecting users in the real world.

This concept correlates with SEO closely as Google only provides relevant results to improve searcher’s intent. Undoubtingly, Google describes a financial services as one of the YML topics. For financial services to fit in the YMYL content guideline, the quality and accuracy of information presented on your website should be vetted.

3. Get That Google E-A-T Up

No, no, there’s no physically feeding anything of any kind, but rather in this context, E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness. While ranking for YMYL content, the E-A-T is what Google considers.

  • Expertise: In the case of financial services, you are required to put out knowledgeable content with credited references. When users make finance-related searches, Google expects results from established financial services. By establishing your finance expertise, your page will be of higher priority in search results.
  • Authoritativeness: You gain authority on your page by putting forward your business’ qualifications, awards and notes for financial advisors. You could also obtain links from authoritative websites related to your financial services.
  • Trustworthiness: To gain the trust of users who visit your websites, firstly, make sure there aren’t any factual errors on your website. While you’re there, the SEO for financial services works better without clickbait content, grammatical errors as well as spelling mistakes that risk your website’s trustworthiness level.
financial seo

Financial services SEO can be easy with the right tools and the right people.

4. OPTIMISE your Title Tag & Meta Description

There it is again! Your title tag should also contain the primary keywords which relate to your financial services and doesn’t exceed 60 characters. This is important to maintain the readability factor that appears on the search results pages.

Your meta description, on the other hand, while still containing relevant keywords, can be a little longer with a limit of 160 characters. You should avoid keyword stuffing and instead focus on the readability of the content.

5. An Agency To Do SEO For Financial Services?

In conclusion, your site and your business deserve the best and who else knows it besides an award-winning digital marketing agency such as Primal Malaysia? In just 90 days, watch your business rise through the ranks of Google’s search results alongside an increase in organic traffic. Get a consultation today with an SEO agency in Malaysia, and let’s transform your business!