Top 10 Most Followed Tiktokers in Malaysia 2023

In the world of social media, there are a few platforms that reign supreme. Among them is TikTok, a video-sharing app that has taken the world by storm in recent years. With over 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok allows content creators to upload videos and engage with their audiences near and far. Additionally, unlike other social media platforms, content produced are only in short video formats (with uncompromised quality!), making it easier for viewers to discover and consume content. This is precisely what makes TikTok such a powerful tool for brands and businesses looking to reach a wider audience. And Malaysia is no exception; there are millions of users on it, and businesses are adopting TikTok advertising methods to dominate this world’s leading social media platform.


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You may be familiar with Tiktok star Charli D’Amelio who popularized dance and choreography videos on TikTok, but did you know that here in Malaysia, we have our very own share of social media influencers and TikTok stars?

Many Malaysian TikTokers have gone viral, amassing a huge following of loyal fans. If you’re looking to partner with an influencer to help promote your brand, here’s a list of the top ten most followed TikTokers in Malaysia.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 most famous TikTokers in Malaysia 2023 ranked by their follower count.

1. Angel Lowee @angelloweee – 10.4M Followers 183.3M Likes


♬ suara asli – DitaKerang🌊 – DitaKerang🌊

Loved by her so many followers and coming in on top of the list is social media personality Angel Lowee who creates content that revolves around her lavish lifestyle. Her content mainly consists of dance videos with a sprinkling of workout and fashion videos as well as food reviews.


2. Jovynn @itsjovynn – 9.1M Followers 167.7M Likes


This beat is addicting 🥵 #tiktokmalaysia #dj #mashup #Photography #HONOR50duet

♬ pretty savage x masquerade – jovynn

Jovynn’s TikTok videos are especially popular amongst music lovers, where she produces amazing mashups by mixing two trending songs. Besides that, she uses her official TikTok account to review and share her favourite beauty and lifestyle products.


3. Ruth Bell @ruthbellpan – 8.7M Followers 266.8M Likes


😃🥄 (Instagram: ruthbellpan)

♬ original sound – 🌻Ruthbell – 🌻Ruthbell

This social media influencer is not only famous in Malaysia but also pulling in audiences from the U.S.A. and the Philippines with her quirky and witty personality. Besides comedy videos, she also frequently hops on the latest trends where she dances or lip-syncs to the latest hits on the app.


4. Roshan Jeet @roshannnn1 – 7.1M Followers 162.2M Likes



♬ original sound – Roshan Jeet – Roshan Jeet

Also one of the most popular TikTok accounts in Malaysia, Roshan Jeet comes in at number 4 with his 7.1M followers. Often seen with his signature sunglasses and earphones combo, he is best known for his comedic videos where he makes parodies out of popular songs and rhymes.


5. Kee @cloutykee – 5.7M Followers 207.8M Likes


How is that an animal

♬ original sound – Kee – Kee

Consistently delivering honest yet humorous reactions to trending videos, and number 5 on the list is Kee. Besides reaction videos, he also creates fun and light-hearted content around his daily life.


6. Puteri Sari @puteriisarii – 5.7M Followers 118.6M Likes


PuteriMotion😹 #yametekudasai #kudasai #preset #fyp #fypシ #manual

♬ DJ Rahmat Fauzi X Ahay Dame Yo by Kiddz – Kiddz 🆒😼

At number 6 is Puteri Sari, with 5.7M followers on her TikTok account. She shares her interest in producing comedy clips, cosplaying popular Japanese characters, and posting fashion and beauty-related videos. She also sometimes creates promotional videos for brands and products.


7. Rozyana Roslan @rozyanaroslan2 – 4.5M Followers 183.6M Likes


Reply to @ayishiy Melur vs gf firdaus 🫣 #beauty #meluruntukfirdaus

♬ Si Gendut – Agus Gobang

Malaysian internet celebrity Rozyana Roslan gained fame on TikTok with her bubbly and positive attitude. She creates an array of entertaining videos, from makeup transformation videos (on her husband too!) to wholesome content with her family and friends.


8. Nor Ashima Ramli @babyshimaofficial – 4.3M Followers 35M Likes


Opocot terkejut je part last tu!! aduhhh😅 #babyshima #fyp #staysafe #byma #tiktokviral

♬ Teach Me How To Dougie – Classics Reborn

Besides being a social media star in Malaysia, Baby Shima (born Nor Ashima Ramli) is also heavily involved in the music industry as a well-known pop singer and dancer. Her TikTok feed is full of fun content, from comedy sketches to lip-syncing videos. She also posts YouTube videos where she shares long-form video content such as day-in-my-life vlogs and music videos.


9. Dr Ben Gee @drbengee – 4.1M Followers 72.6M Likes


♬ original sound – Epsilon_6_1

Next on the list is Dr Ben Gee; a dentist, dancer, and social media influencer. On his TikTok account, he shares educational information about dental hygiene and health to his followers while also creating fun and humorous videos such as dance covers, lip sync videos, and comedy skits.


10. Aikahh @aikkah00 – 4M Followers 179.5M Likes


#SlowZoom Mata hantu ponti dah update😎 #aikkah

♬ usa el audio si te gusta Encanto – <3

Last but not least on the list, we have Aikkah with 4M followers on the video-sharing platform. Besides frequently posting makeup videos, promotional videos, and horror-comedic skits, she also interacts and creates motivational videos for her audiences on her channel.

It’s safe to say that Malaysia is not far behind when it comes to social media and entertainment influencers. Additionally, as of 2022, it has been reported that there are approximately 14.59 million TikTok users aged 18 and above on the app. With so many people on the platform, this app’s reach can be said to be the best among other social media platforms. It’s no wonder brands and businesses, small and large, are hopping on the bandwagon to promote their products and/or services on TikTok.

Here’s a recap of the Top 10 Most Followed Tiktokers in Malaysia 2022.

  1. Angel Lowee @angelloweee – 10.4M Followers 183.3M Likes
  2. Jovynn @itsjovynn – 9.1M Followers 167.7M Likes
  3. Ruth Bell @ruthbellpan – 8.7M Followers 266.8M Likes
  4. Roshan Jeet @roshannnn1 – 7.1M Followers 162.2M Likes
  5. Kee @cloutykee – 5.7M Followers 207.8M Likes
  6. Rozyana Roslan @rozyanaroslan2 – 4.5M Followers 183.6M Likes
  7. Nor Ashima Ramli @babyshimaofficial – 4.3M Followers 35M Likes
  8. Dr Ben Gee @drbengee – 4.1M Followers 72.6M Likes
  9. Aikahh @aikkah00 – 4M Followers 179.5M Likes
  10. Jeff Yuman @jeffyuman – 3.8M Followers 107.4M Likes

*Statistics as of 20 July 2022

However, do keep in mind that your marketing campaigns will not automatically generate outstanding results just by partnering up with influential TikTokers. Marketers must first identify influencers that are the most compatible with their brand, i.e. personality, lifestyle, and content produced.

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