Top 10 Rich YouTubers Hailing From Asia

Just 15 years ago, having a career as a full-time YouTuber would have been unthinkable, especially amongst Asians who could not grasp how could anyone ever make money from uploading “silly videos” online. Fast forward to now, being a YouTuber is considered a lucrative career and, safe to say, successful YouTubers make more in a month than those in a traditional career path make in a year. YouTubers in the world all start with YouTube videos on passionate issues, even though it might be a little niche. Slowly, how their audience and influence grows is the secret to their success.

The Asian YouTube scene has definitely come a long way. What started out as pale imitations of YouTubers from the West, Asian YouTubers have now come up with countless original content across multiple genres. From anime cosplays to mukbangs to simple, relatable content about Asian families, YouTubers from Asia have no trouble making names for themselves.

In the spirit of #AsianPower, let’s have a look at the top 10 rich YouTubers from Asia(in no particular order!) who have been running successful YouTube channels.

Highest Paid YouTube Stars in Asia

1. Atta Halilintar- Net Worth $6.8 Million

Boasting an impressive 28.3 million subscribers, Muhammad Attamimi Halilintar or Atta Halilintar to his fans, was voted the 113th most popular YouTuber in the world. After launching his YouTube channel in 2016, Halilintar, whose content mainly focuses on his music, rose through the ranks and found himself a steady group of fanbase.

2019 was a momentous year for the YouTuber as he became the first YouTuber in South East Asia to cross 10 million subscribers. He was also named the eighth-highest earning YouTuber in the world in the same year! Halilinatar, who regularly uploads videos to his channel, has now expanded his content to vlogs, interviews with prominent celebrities and even motivational speeches.

2. Carry Minati-Net Worth $5 Million

As every publicist would say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, which Carry Minati definitely took to heart. The 23-year-old YouTuber, who started his channel in 2014, gained popularity for his comedy and satire videos in Hindi. In May 2020, after posting a video making fun of TikTok users, his channel was ultimately taken down due to countless harassment complaints.

Despite that, Minati still made it onto Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list and has bounced back stronger ever since. His new channel, while only being two years old, has quickly gained 36.2 million subscribers.

3. Yuka Kinoshita-Net Worth $916 Thousand

Touted to be Japan’s biggest YouTube star, Yuka’s channel is currently the most subscribed channel in the country, and it only focuses on one thing, FOOD! Yes, her subscribers were intrigued as to how this relatively-petite sized woman eats up to 4kg of food without batting an eye.

Her “mukbang” videos are even said to be therapeutic to a lot of her audience, and thanks to subtitles, she now has a global audience as well. With over 5 million subscribers, Yuka impressed everyone when she casually ate 4kgs of fried chicken in one sitting!

4. Bie The Ska-Net Worth $3.2 Million

Did you know the cosplayer who regularly makes us laugh with his low-cost cosplay had his own YouTube channel? Hailing from Thailand, Bie The Ska joined YouTube all the way back in 2006 and now has a channel with over 13 million subscribers. Besides cosplaying to a tee, he is also known for his parody videos, with his videos averaging millions of views at a time.

Funnily, his channel started simply to destress his friends who were studying for their exams. Upon their encouragement, he decided to develop his YouTube channel, and as they say, the rest is history.

5. Domics- Net Worth $3 Million

Dominic “Dom” Panganiban made his YouTube debut in 2012, shifting his platform from Tumblr, where he had already amassed over 100,000 followers. With over 7 million subscribers, Docomics focuses on Dominic’s life experiences being said through his expressive drawings.

His signature style of videos is monochromatic, inspired by Swoozie. The YouTube sensation typically posts one video a month, and some of his videos have even crossed 1 billion views.

Who knows, your YouTube career could be around the corner!
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6. Kaykai Salader-Net Worth $4.7 Million

You can’t speak about the richest YouTubers without including Kaykai Salader or Nutticha Namwong, who was the first YouTuber from Thailand to hit the 10 million subscribers mark. Mainly posting educational videos, Kaykai speaks about her life and adventures as she navigates through life.

Expanding her entrepreneurial spirit, Kaykai has even launched her skincare brand, all while still being a student at Bangkok University.

7. Ricis Official -Net Worth $9.3 Million

Steering away from the usual comedy videos, Ria Yunita focuses her content on her daily vlogs, travel, family life and her music. Starting her channel back in 2016, Ricis has now amassed over 30 million subscribers.

Over on Instagram, she boasts an impressive 29.6 million followers who have tuned in to the YouTuber’s relatable day-to-day content.

8. Jess No Limit-Net Worth $3.9 Million

The days are gone when you would need one type of gaming channel to gain subscribers! Jess has a relatively new channel which he started in 2017 but quickly rose through the ranks and now has 24 million subscribers, thanks to his diversified gaming content and Internet challenges.

Some might think that being a video game commentator is just to play videos and yell, but Jess proves there are certain nuances and humour to it.

9. Frost Diamond- Net Worth $13 Million

Having a dedicated Minecraft video channel has certainly come in handy for Kananda Widyantara from Indonesia. With not one but two gaming channels, he has a total of subscribers amounting to 27 million!

Despite always being in the news for the wrong reasons, Kananda has maintained his relevancy while his popularity continues to grow.

10. zbing.z – Net Worth $13 Million

Deviating from the “prank videos” era of her contemporaries, Naiyarat Thanawaigoses has a wide range of content across her platform. She posts gaming commentary videos in both male and female voices and live streams at the same time. Over on her Instagram, with over 1 million followers, Naiyarat shares her lifestyle content on top of promoting her gaming channel.

Well, there you have it, just some of the richest YouTubers in Asia who have managed to beat the odds and create a niche for themselves on the Internet. Having a popular YouTube channel is definitely an uphill journey, but with passion and hard work, you could be the next one on this list!