A Comprehensive Guide to PPC for Real Estate Marketing

If you’re a real estate marketer, you know the importance of staying ahead of the competition. With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, you can do just that. 

PPC helps you stay one step ahead by helping you reach potential customers more quickly than ever before. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PPC for real estate business. 

(Psst.. if you’re a real estate agent that is not familiar with PPC, don’t worry. Read our blog on how PPC ads work first.)

So, why PPC for the real estate industry?

There are some distinct advantages to using PPC advertising over other forms of online marketing for real estate.

For instance, it allows for highly targeted marketing, enabling you to reach potential customers with high purchase/selling intent, meaning they are specifically interested in buying or selling real estate. You can also use geo-targeting and other techniques to focus on highly specific audiences.

PPC ads can benefit real estate businesses by positioning them on the top of major search engines.

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In addition, you have more control over your budget with PPC, as you only pay when someone clicks on your ad rather than paying for impressions. This control allows you to set limits so that you never spend too much of your marketing budget at once.

Finally, PPC campaigns are easy to set up and launch quickly. Platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads let you create an account and begin running ads within minutes, giving you a fast start to your marketing efforts.

But first, learn the PPC lingo.

Before delving into PPC advertising for real estate, it’s essential to understand the related terminologies. Here are some critical definitions every real estate marketer should know:

Cost Per Click (CPC)

This refers to the amount advertisers pay each time someone clicks on their ad. The CPC varies depending on the competitiveness of the keyword being used and the audiences being targeted.

Quality Score

This is a number assigned by Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords), which measures how relevant an ad is compared to your competitors’ ads based on factors like keyword relevance and CTR (click-through rate). A higher quality score means better rankings—and lower CPCs!

Landing Page

This is the page where users land on after clicking an ad. Ensure that your real estate website is optimised for maximum conversions, so that visitors become leads (ie they register or submit their details in a form) or customers (ie they purchase what you’re selling) instead of simply bouncing off the page without taking action.

Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of visitors who take action after viewing an ad; it typically refers to sales, sign-ups/registrations, or downloads but could refer to any desired goal, such as newsletter subscriptions or contact form submissions as well.

Conversion rates serve as a crucial indicator to determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

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Return on investment (ROI)

This measures how much money was made from your ad campaigns versus how much money was spent in order to publish/run them. Ideally, this number should be positive —meaning more money was made than was spent—but this isn’t always the case, depending on campaign performance.

Relevance Score

This measures how closely related an ad’s content matches up with your target audiences’ keywords. If an ad contains irrelevant content compared to the keywords, then its relevance score will suffer. The higher this score is (on a scale from 1-10), the higher your ads will rank!

Getting started with your first PPC campaign

Now that you understand what pay-per-click (PPC) is all about and how beneficial it is for real estate industries, let’s dive into setting up your first campaign!

Here are some basic steps every real estate marketer should follow when setting up their first campaign:

1) Identify your target audience – Think about who exactly would be interested in investing in real estate properties. Are they first-time homeowners or investors? What kind of information do they need from you? What type of language do they use when searching for properties? Answering these questions will help shape the rest of your campaign set-up process.

Discover the value of keyword research to boost your PPC campaign success.

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2) Research & select relevant keywords – Before creating any ads, make sure that they contain relevant keywords related directly to what your business offers. Research competitor ads so that yours stand out from theirs while still remaining competitive enough not to be overlooked by potential customers!

3) Set up your account & campaigns – Once keywords have been chosen, you can create an account with whichever platform works best for your needs such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, or Meta ads. You can set up campaigns accordingly using those same keywords plus whatever additional targeting options that fit within your budget, such as geographic and demographic targeting.

Tips: Make sure all tracking codes are set up correctly, so that you can accurately track conversions.

4) Create compelling copy & design – Write copy that speaks directly to your target audience & design visuals that grab attention. Remember not just to focus solely on search engine results but also consider display network placements as well, which may give even more visibility than traditional text links alone!

5) Test & optimise – After launching your campaign, make sure that performance data is monitored regularly so adjustments can be made if necessary; this includes things like changing bids, keywords, and budget. Run A/B tests and try testing different types of creative elements, which may lead to further optimisation opportunities down the line!

6) Analyse data & repeat – Use data collected from testing and optimisation efforts to keep track of campaigns’ performance over time. Keep refining campaigns based on findings from your analysis until you reach your desired ROI goal.

Hopefully, this guide has provided enough insight into why every real estate marketer should consider trying out pay-per-click marketing — particularly if done strategically — so go ahead and give it a shot! 

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